We Look Like This After Work

Hi my dears,

one week ago on Thursday I have attended to AppelrathCüpper's midnight shopping with invited guests, celebrities and a lot of entertainment. On this special occasion I was accompanied by my best friend (who is mainly standing behind the camera of my shootings) and my mother. AppelrathCüpper is a luxurious German department store for women which offers high labels such as Boss, Ralph Lauren, Armani and many more from casual to elegant.

The star-guest was Joachim Llambi who is jurors in the German version of the celebrity-dancing-show "Let's Dance" was the host for the event. Apart from that the evening was among other accompanied by drinks and snacks, photographers or a photobox to set oneself in scene.

My best friend and I had to work before the event but as you see we did not look worse than any other guests. I allow myself to say that we looked great. But I let you decide.

Vest, leather skirt - C&A
Ankle boots - Akira
Necklace - H&M
Lipstick - P2

On the whole I would first of all say thank you for this amazing evening and the kind service. The variety of food was rather modest but better than nothing, Joachim Llabmi was a very funny and kind host and the ambience was just right. Two things that I saw as rather insufficient was that there was no special shopping offer which would have been appropriate for such an event and that the beauty advisors only had gifts for the 40+ guests not taking into consideration that young guests could have as well come in a high amount. Every guest should be treated equally. Nevertheless, thank you very much AppelrathCüpper.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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