You And Your World

Hello my lovelies and happy first day of October - it's my mother's birthday this week, I'm so excited since she is the most important person for me,

today is my first duty-free day and I have to admit it feels strange every time anew if you suddenly don't have anything to do after a long period of harsh stress. Can you relate to such a situation?

Anyway, friends and followers still fall for my last blog entry from Sunday especially because of the photos, since they were taken at a professional photoshooting from "StudioLine Photography" which had a stand in the exhibition "Du und deine Welt" [Engl.: You and your world] which took place in the big exhibition halls of Hamburg from last Thursday to last Sunday. I have already told you that I have visited it with my parents on Sunday and today I want to tell you more about the exhibition after you have been able to admire the photos from the shooting - by the way "Style My Fashion" has also featured my style on their Facebook page.

However, the exhibition "Du und deine Welt" takes place every year in Hamburg from Thursday to Sunday at the end of September in our huge exhibition halls but certainly you know it yourself: if you live in a city where a cool even or exhibition takes place frequently you just keep saying "I'm here anyway and will visit it sometime", isn't that so?
When we were little me and my brother used to visit that exhibition every year with our parents but well... with the age more duties have to be done and you don't think of it anymore until you get tickets from a friend ;) but you can also get them on place.

Anyway this exhibition is all about what the heart of a human is desiring: Lifestyle, beauty, wellness, internation kitchen, etc.
Every hall had something to offer which didn't leave any wish unfulfilled.

We have checked out everything on the whole but in particular me and my parents have spend most of the three hours we have been there in hall B7 (Kitchen & Culinary), B5 (Beauty & Style, Information & Recommendation, Health & Wellness) and B2 (International & Specialties, Gifts & Tasteful)

Check out some pictures of the exhibition below:

During the exhibition new products in every area were presented where you've had a special exhibition-discount on everything but you could also take part in contests and win some nice goodies or try things.

My outfit was suitable for the everyday life but trendy in the colors of the season and contained a casual elegance:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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