Fall4Me Fall Wardrobe Recharged

Hola my sweet people,

I Fall4Me Johanna has recharged her fall wardrobe, but let me tell you the story for the beginning.
On Friday it was my best friend's and biggest supporter's birthday, my life's or rather my mother's. She looks very young for her age - which I won't tell ;) you know you don't ask women about their age.

She didn't wish for a gift with money so I made a photocollage for her and wrote this spontaneous poem for her:

"People are happy because it's Friday today,

But my happiness is on a completely other way
Today my angel was born
The one who always kept me warm
She is my starlight
Because no matter if good or bad she keeps the day bright
Just the way she has enlightened every second of my life
Also she should stay very long, healthy and powerful she is alive!
I wish her all the best
W/ only positive thoughts and forget about the rest.
Today is you day
Happy birthday

After I went out with a very good friend of mine my mother caught me on my way home we sponateously went to enjoy ourselves with shopping, a club and having something to eat in a fast food restaurant.
See what I've shopped:

The first thing that caught my eye, love and attention were these trendy, cuddly printed pants in grey black and white. Perfect to be combined with everything especially in winter. Printed pants like those have been celebrated as a trend since last year's season and decided to stay. They can be freaky and fanciful but also trendy, chic and sweet.

I have been looking for a wool knit dress like this since last season but found one just on Friday. Such a dress can be perfectly combined in different styles and accessories. It looks comfortable and is very comfortable and easy to wear. I actually wanted to buy it in black too but it was sold out. So I've firstly bought it in the trend color of the season.

This blouse made me immediately think of one of my idols (no, this time not Catherine but Piret Järvis). So I just had to have it, too.

This jacket also has a little story: 1.) the philosophy "when you fall in love with something - grab it!" or it will be too late next time ;) 2.) the other story is that two years ago when me and my former best friend went to shopping we've discovered a fanciful beige and long jacket almost like this, but we don't have to buy an expensive original Vero Moda one, so I have found this. 

Last story for today concern these boots: Black, long and with rivets and fringes. Suitable for every look, comfortable, let even short legs seem long and trendy. Those masculine and rough looking boots are a must-have for every fashionable girl, no matter if short or long.

I have found all my stuff in the Paparazzi shop. If you have questions concerning the prizes feel free to write me a private message.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Super cute stuffs doll and lovely blog!
    What about following each other via GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!



  2. Great post! Thank you for visit my blog. I'm now following you. Kisses.


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