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Ciao belli,

have you remembered to change your watch? Don't worry I'm not watching you rushing to your watches and change them to the correct time but imagining it makes me chuckle. This change of time is just silly as more and more people shout out in public but I'm happy to know I have one more hour because this Sunday is a busy day.

My D&G, Hilfiger, Chanel & Wempe watches are ready ;)

I also want to share the good news of the day with you that my internet at home works again! Better than ever. What I'm sad of is that my Facebook page lost many likes again because of inactivity so if you haven't like it you are gladly welcome to do so.

Time to celebrate the good news with a trend from the H&M magazine winter issue 2013 - which Fall4Me naturally has already found for herself longer ago. 

A trend known as dandy back then and tomboy now.

Self-confidence has always been sexy and we know from the band Good Charlotte that we all want something we can't have and from Aleksandr Puškin that we run after people that ignore us. Now we can express this in our fashion styles.
For this look I was inspired once again by the beautiful Catherine Oxenberg aka Amanda Carrington, for what concerns colours, the Marlene, the coat and feminine details.
The beige coat is simply classic and can be worn to everything just like the black white and grey which is included in my pants and for what concerns the blue I have told you two months ago that fall is going to be colourful in harmony with the colours of earth and the fall leaves. The checked pants and blouse might seem very audacious at the first sight but fashionable people love the bravery to fashion.
If you take a closer look you will see that they are actually the same and therefore go well together.

Earrings - I am; coat - C&A; blouse - Mango; bag - Görtz17; shoes - Karstadt

The feminine high-heels and jewelry fulfill the feminine touch of the look. Catherine Oxenberg as Amanda Carrington with Joan Collins and Michael Nader in "Dynasty"

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

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  1. Hi dear!
    I'm curious how about the way you style your classy 80's hairstyles ala Catherine Oxenberg. How much Hairspray do you use? Do you use a low-dryer?

    I'd love to read something about it!!!


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