Пирушки - Love Goes Through The Stomach

Hello sweet people,

don't worry if you stood hungry after my last post about the meal we've had on the day of the Germany Unity hopefully this won't let you hungry.

In the middle of last week I have baked a Russian specialty for my spiritual father with whom I had an appointment later on. I have had an important question to him and I want to share some aspects with you. Lately my mother and I have had a little dispute. I am 20 now and of course my mother starts wondering whom I will marry. She is also afraid of me marrying late, since she would not wish this for me. She wants me to be dynamite and powerful for the marriage and shine as a bride. She shouldn't worry since I myself planned to marry in the mid-20s (24-26 or 27). But lately she has kept saying that I should get to know the sons of her friends - maybe I would like one.
I myself get always mad about this since I am a big enemy of arranged marriages. However that was my interpretation of what she said mistakenly. My spiritual father however said I shouldn't deny immediately and take it as if a friend would offer me to meet someone, just try it without any pressures. The advantage with parents is that they are more experienced and would only want the best for their children. Regularly because nothing is guaranteed in life. It is an adventure which can be fearing but also interesting and exciting.

My lecture is that you should always take a chance that is given to you. It could be the chance of your life.

In the meantime another father told my mother to leave me free and let me do what I want at the moment and that the right time will already come. I love travelling, blogging and studying. I love to discover the beauty of new places and learn about the culture. I love fashion, being inspired everyday, inspiring others myself and being creative and I love spending time with my friends and to learn. I love being busy knowing that I have something to do and an aim to take.
I am a dreamer who loves freedom, inspiration and positive emotions.

One source of positive emotions is food. Food always should be good and solid. I love food, eating and cooking.
But one thing I hate is garlic, too much onion and hard cooked eggs. You can haunt me with those.

But luckily the Пирушки (Piroshki) I make doesn't include those things. I love to fill it with mashed potatoes, spiced with sweet red pepper, salt and black pepper which you let cool up before filling the piroshki.

So how are those potatoe bags prepared?

You need a big plastic bowl where you prepare the dough.

  1. you put in a 500 g low-fat yoghurt-pot
  2. you add a tea-spoon of salt and sugar
  3. and half a tea-spoon of baking-powder
  4. a tablespoon of crème fraîche and sunflower oil
  5. add flour bit for bit and don't forget to stir frequently while adding everything until the dough gets hard enough to knead.
Knead it to more little plates and wait a while. Then take a piece of the dough and put a teaspoon of the mashed potatoes into it. Then fry it in a pot of hot oil until it gets a light-brown color.
As usual you should enjoy it hot.

Et voilà:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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