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Ciao belli,

I hope you've had a good start into the new week. For me, it may not seem as such a good one because I'm just being late for university and it's horribly rainy and cold but what matters is the temper, I'm listening to music at it's best with Teele Viira, Tuuli Rand, ULA & DrumAttack and I'm looking forward to see my darlings at university again and to an inspiring and fashionably creative week. By the way, the thing with university keeps our little secret, ok? It just happens once in a lifetime with me since I'm famous for punctuality at work or school.

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Today I am presenting you a totally Tally look, in order to the Tally Weijl brand's campaign on Instagram. It should be a Tally Weijl outfit and the most creative ones would be featured on their Instagram. For me as a huge lover of that brand it was a must for me to participate.

And here now to my creative look. First of all we should define what "creative" is actually supposed to mean. I defined it for myself with the three expressions exceptional, outstanding and eye-catching. Creativity in fashion means for me bravery to fashion what concerns colors, pattern and material and that's what I did.

Let's see what I did in particular I've put everything on check for what concerns my coat and balloon skirt which reminds of a sexy secretary with the lace up high-heels. It gets even sexier with my deep décolleté which is covered with my blazer. As you see I used soft check pattern and classic stripes which are well mixed together I have set damped and soft colorful accept with a pastel pink belt, damped red soles on the shoes and the dark green and bronze camouflage corset blouse. The silver owl is an addition to my wild blouse. I am very thankful that my bestie who is an equal lover of Tally Weijl once got me a bracelet from there so my arm didn't have to be nude which I hate.

Coat, blazer, skirt, belt, blouse, necklace, bracelet - Tally Weijl; shoes - Deichmann

How do you like the mix?

Xoxo ️♥ Johanna

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