These Boots Are Made For Being Fashionable

Hola sweet people,

weekend is coming! What it means to me? Well you will know about the big mystery tomorrow and I really hope that you will share my happiness and are as excited as I am :)
For me it means also that I will prepare for university and go to sleep a little earlier.
I don't know why I have this feeling because after the holidays is more or less during the holidays for me, but I always feel somehow nervous when the end of a long freetime approaches. Do you know what I mean?
But I also feel very excited to see my friends more frequently again. I hope the 3rd semester will be as great as the two other ones, I will let you know.

The sunny weather sadly left us and grey skies and rain spreads over the north German capital Hamburg which obviously means that it gets colder. The good thing about it is that it can't stand classy hairspray hairstyles and a recharged trendy Fall4Me fall wardrobe.

Bit for bit I will present you my new fashionable pieces of yesterday's post starting with the fashionable boots with the little story. I wasn't just looking for such boots and found the 3 in 1 perfects ones it was a love at the second sight suggested by my mother - sure they are only boots but in general suggestions from parents aren't bad. What I didn't like about the boots were the fringes (which you can hide if you want) but my mother showed me their true beauty WITH those fringes and convinced me after thinking twice.

And for the first look I have chosen to present them I think I was even inspired by the beautiful Elisa from the Nameless Fashion Blog with the streetstyle - make sure to check her out.

So I chose a classy and trendy schoolgirl look with timeless colors black, white and shades of gold and beige. I could wear my short trenchcoat perfectly to this look and my Chanel scarf in the accessory of the month (september) style.

Trenchcoat - C&A; scarf - Chanel; stud earrings (gold) - H&M; skirt - CasaBlanca; tights - Falke; boots - Paparazzi

My cheeky hairstyle was inspired by Catherine Oxenberg. The pony softly combed back to the side and a high tied plaited ponytail.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Followed back everywhere doll!
    You were very pretty!
    Keep in touch!



  3. Lovely ' <3

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