Pretty Dreamer - Happy Birthday Fall4Me

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams", Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello my beloved readership,

once I also had a dream. I wanted to be a model. But I was told that my fingers would need to be half as thin as they are now. But my height was too short. But I was told that models have no decision-making-sovereignty. I better be a fashion designer. But we live in a time of economic crisis. But I need a profession with which I have more and firmer possibilities and live from. But I was told I belong to fashion journalism. I became a blogger: model, designer and journalist in one with decision-making-sovereignty. Four years ago no one believed in me. Nowadays I impress, I convince and I inspire. After (re-)creating myself in the first year and improving the quality of my blog during the second year, from the third year on I went more global building bridges to many different artists featuring them on my blog and introducing them with an interview. What all those people have in common? No matter if edgy, playful or classy this blog and I are bearing a part of each of these people's art and understanding of beauty. This year I have built bridges the other way round with brands sponsoring and collaborating with me since they like what I do in my very own and unique way.

One of these brands is the BornPrettyStore. As the name already says the BornPrettyStore makes every woman feel born pretty thanks to the huge choice of fanciful items they offer from make-up and hair products, as well as wigs, to a choice of dresses and other women's wear and last but not least accessories - that item that according to me builds up the whole look along with its effect. What I love most about the BornPrettyStore is the low cost and worldwide free shipping without any requirements. When I was looking through the items I was amazed that they do not follow the mainstream trends but offer almost every color and every style from edgy to classy so an adjustment of the Shooting Star by Chanel or many purple jewelry which is my absolute favorite color and more necessary in my closet. Low prizes are not necessarily bad quality. BornPrettyStore is the proof! 

Dress, gloves - C&A
Bracelet - Bijou Brigitte

Top - L&B
Faux leather pants, boots - C&A
Pumps - Buffalo
Watch - D&G

In order to this special collaboration and my blog birthday I have a special gift for you 10% off your order on BornPrettyStore the code is: HCNT10 - thank you all beyond words for being a part of me and this blog, your love, your kindness and your support!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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  1. you look stunning in that black dress,so beautiful
    Great accessories too


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