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the Eurovision Song Contest may be over, but the artists have left their mark on us. Laura Tesoro has won my brother's heart and Greta Salome from Iceland has won heart and that of many other fans all over the world with her breath-taking and impressive performance of the lively, strong song "Hear Them Calling".

In the following interview I have brought her to Fall4Me since doubtlessly fits to this blog with her rather dark style and deep thoughts hoping she withh inspire you as well and asked her about Eurovision, her style and her further plans.

On the right Greta Salome participating in the ESC 2012 and left during her performance in this year's ESC.

Fall4Me: Dearest Greta, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview and taking the time for me and my readers. "Iceland got kicked out in the Semi-Finals and nobody is happy about it", stated the British EveningStandard to which many agree. Among others my family and I considered you as the best act of the night as I stated in my previous article about the first semi-final. How did you get this impressive strength to "feel like a winner" as you let your family, friends and fans know in Facebook?
Greta Salome: I did not have to dig deep because that is honestly how I´ve felt after Tuesday. The whole auditorium was screaming "Iceland" when they read out the finalists and that along with the media reaction after not qualifying has felt like winning.

How are you going to continue after this and do you think you would take part in Eurovision once again?
We were planning to release an album late this year but after the media frenzy last Tuesday we are going to speed things up a little and hopefully release it a bit earlier. I´m also doing some shows for Disney and a few big concerts this summer so the schedule is pretty tight. 

You are already taking part in Eurovision for the second time. What does it mean for you to represent Iceland and what is special about Eurovision that you would come back?This time it was the song and the message. The timing for me was perfect and it was almost as if it was meant to be. Eurovision is an amazing platform for artists to get their music out there so that along with the fun of Eurovision is a good reason to do it.
Do you think the voting and rating is based on political and economic affairs?
I would´t be honest if I said I didn´t think so. Of course there are politics when it comes to Eurovision but that doesn´t outweigh what a wonderful event it is. 

During your debut in Eurovision in Baku, 2012 with the song "Never Forget", which you sang in a duet with Jonsi, you have already presented us a gloomy Greta. Now four years later you show yourself as dark and gloomy in the song "Hear Them Calling". Do you feel drawn to the dark style or does Greta Salome have more and different facets? Who are your style idols in that case?I´ve always liked to wear black and I seem to be more drawn to darker colors than brighter ones. I´m very picky when it comes to cuts and shapes and I´m really a fan of the rule less is more. Coco Chanel is one of my biggest idols when it comes to fashion and she said it best: Before you leave the house all dressed up take off one accessory.

Greta Salome on the red carpet of the Eurovision opening party dressed very trendy in a black lace overall
Photo: Wiwibloggs

Who are your personal participants this year? Whom do you see as potential winner and why? According to you, where would we meet for the next Eurovision?
I think there are a number of acts who can win this competition. Spain, Sweden, Russia and Australia are the frontrunners I think. My personal favorite this year however is Croatia.

How did you feel when you realized that two of your mates from Baku (2012), Donny Montell from Lithuania and Kaliopi from F.Y.R. Macedonia, as well take part in this year's Eurovision Song Contest? What kind of connection do you have with them?
Me and Kaliope are good friends and she is one of the most uplifting and energetic people I´ve ever met so seeing her again was amazing. I haven´t met Donny but I do like his song.

Before the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 has started you yourself have launched a cover competition where fans all over the world could record and publish their personal freestyle-version "Hear Them Calling" cover. What was your intention with this competition? Is there a message you have for undiscovered artists and talents or anybody? And what is as well interesting to know: Did you already have the time to take a peek into the submitted videos? How do you like them so far?
The cover competition was made to inspire people to create but also to get the message of the song out there. We have been reviewing the videos and will be announcing the winner soon.

Thank you very much for this wonderful interview!

Stay tuned and follow Greta on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and enjoy her performance of May 10th once again.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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