Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Semi Final One

Hello Europe and of course all readers around the world,

3...2...1...Eurovision is back! 43 days before the beginning of Europe's favorite show the official Swedish hosting channel SVT has launched a countdown with the artists from the 42 participating countries and the hosts Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw, who has brought Eurovision to Sweden once again after three years. As a creative mind I must say that this was my personal high light of this year.

The song contest that unites countries, people, culture and entertainment is my most favorite time of the year but something like this has never happened before. 

By that I mean that May is a very dangerous and tricky time in Europe. After a nearly (pre) winterly April the weather radically changes and weakens many people. As a result a flu wave arises and this year I have become a victim of it at a very bad week.

But let us come back to the show and the show, the most interesting part. 18 artists have given their best to make it to the grand final and spread their personal message to Europe's biggest stage. As usual only 10 of 18 artists can make it to the finals. The qualifiers are decided by 50% jury decision and 50% tele-communication votes.

See my personal feedback below in the running order:

1. Finland - Sandhja "Sing It Away": Sandhja was what Finland needed all the time. She reminded of the timeless Donna Summer with her 70s disco and it was a song that brought good mood and dancing mood.
2. Greece - Argo "Utopian Land": I always love the Greek touch in the Greek entries. But the coolest part for me was the rap part.
3. Moldova - Lidia Isac "Falling Stars": Lidia is a beautiful girl with kind eyes apart from that she has a beautiful song but the song was rather average.
4. Hungary - Freddie "Pioneer": Unfortunately Freddie neither had the looks nor the voice to impress. The rhythm of the song was cool but that is all.
5. Croatia - Nina Kraljic "Lighthouse": Nina sings well but due to her strong accent I would have prefered her to sing in Croatian. Also the the tender costume was a touch too much for her rather rough style.
6. The Netherlands - Douwe Bob "Slow Down": The first artist with a very elegant British style I liked this timeless country song that can and will be heard again and again.
7. Armenia - Iveta Mukuchyan "LoveWave": A very modern song. A song like this is heard everywhere anytime in public places rise up the mood.
8. San Marino - Serhat "Didn't Know": The (in a positive way) funniest artist! He looked like a charming womanizer. He may have had no voice but the song had a good mood.
9. Russia - Sergey Lazarev "You're The Only One": It is not the others' fault but if someone like Sergey sings "you're the only one" no surprise he is counted as favorite.
10. Czech Republic - Gabriela Guncikova "I Stand": I loved Gabriela's act. She has a strong voice and a sensual song!
11. Cyprus - Minus One "Alter Ego": Certainly not the tidiest guys but a great rock band.
12. Austria - Zoe "Loin D'Ici": A very bright and beautiful stage by the beautiful Zoe. The song was just as pretty as she was and her song.
13. Estonia - Jüri Pootsmann "Play": One of the flawlessly best acts of the night. Jüri had a very tidy and attractive appearance. An unique deep voice for being so young and the song was a catchy, classy popular jazz song.
14. Azerbaijan - Samra "Miracle": She got my vote - without moneyJ - because her lively song had a great rhythm.
15. Montenegro - Highway "The Real Thing": For my taste a was a bit too much hard rock. 
16. Iceland - Greta Salome "Hear Them Calling": Good, better, Greta! My mother and I agreed that she was the most flawless, impressive and perfect act of the night. I want to note that Greta is one of the very few artists who composed her song completely on her own. Such a talent must be recognized. What I as well cherist about her was that she stayed true to her gloomy style she already presented in Baku 2012. We have been celebrating her song the most at home because of her cover contest in which I am taking part. From the practicing we all got a catchy tone of her song. (If you use a PC I will be happy about your vote here.)
17. Bosnia & Herzigovina - Dalal & Deen Feat. Ana Rucner & Jalal "Ljubav je...": A very cool song. I cherish a lot that it was sung in the native language.
18. Malta - Ira Losco "Walk On Water": Congratulations on Ira's pregnancy and all the best for the family to be. Ira chose water matching to her song and she was a realy shining diva on stage. The strong song was very up to date.

My personal qualifiers for the grad final would have been:
The Netherlands
Czech Republic

However the qualifying artists are: 

Having this in mind I sum up the evening of May 11th with the words tasteless and unfair. But nevertheless let us enjoy the second semi final tonight at 9 pm (GTM+01) and congratulations to the qualifiers.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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