What Can Women, Men Can Do As Well!

Hello my beloved readers,

summer is back!

The shops and brands have announced summer with their new SS16 collections already with the official beginning of spring at the end of March and we in Europe rapidly adapted to this with high summer temperatures after heavy rain and storms.

It was crazy to observe how everyone all of a sudden packed out the summer closet. But is this not what summer is about? It is! After our hibernation we now blossom out under the sun and celebrate with new charged positive energy and literally go crazy as the summer trends that enjoy pattern of any kind from classy oriental ones to cheeky polka dots, stripes and checks. Apart from the mood of celebration summer brings human and nature back together again. During the winter human had been hiding in their caves and the beauties of nature – flowers, the ocean – were hidden by the white blanket of snow. But since the snow was melted by the sun the beauty of the nature is revealed again completely, the sun is shining through the blue sky, the ocean that meets the meadow or rather the sand of the beach and flowers in any thinkable color catch our attention. Inspired by the nature is the gamut of colors of summer, contrasts meet shades this year dominating shades of blue and terracotta. 

These trends to not only concern keen to experiment women who naturally are more into fashion. Meanwhile in the last 20 years the world of men fashion and men care has extended so much that style gains importance for men as well. Brands such as Paul Fredrick who focus on high fashion and distinguished closet for men have followed the rules of nature in their current collection and make men bring out the best of them.

Check out Paul Fredrick's whole new collection here.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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