Eurovision Song Contest 2016: Semi Final Two

Hello Europe and music friends,

favorites were haunting favorites the night of Thursday during the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, which is taking part unter the slogan "Come Together", even though I have to admit at the beginning the entries seemed pretty monotone to me. It was a surprising pleasure for me to reunite with old friends such as Kaliopi from F.Y.R. Macedonia and Donny Montell from Lithuania, who have represented their countries already previously in Baku 2012, and Poli Genova from Bulgaria, the host of Junior Eurovision 2015 and participant in Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf.

What was special about the entries of this night? Well, in the first place the impressively beautiful lyrics that caught me, that special thing every artist had and of course a happy result in the end that nearly all my favorites qualified for the grand final which will take place tonight May 14th.

"What color is your life?" asked Michał Szpak in his song. I think it is actually a good thing to wonder.

My impressions of the second semi-final contestants are the following in their running order:

1. Latvia - Justs "Heartbeat": The song had a funky rhythm and I liked the art of the stage. Apart from that Justs has an impressively strong voice.
2. Poland - Michał Szpak "Color Of Your Life": It is a song to swing and sail away. Wonderfully sensual along with the beautiful lyrics.
3. Switzerland - Rykka "The Last Of Our Kind": Rykka has a very cool style and great, impressive voice. Her song really was a "we're the generation of dreamers" song to call out. Very taking.
4. Israel - Hovi Star "Made Of Stars": Also Hovi had a strong voice and a sensual and touching song.
5. Belarus - Ivan "Help You Fly": This song had the character of an anime opening. Very strong and memorable.
6. Serbia - Sanja Vucic "Goodbye (Shelter)": The first impressive act of the night with Sanja delivering an amazing voice and a very cool gloomy style according to my taste made the whole song strong.
7. Ireland - Nicky Byrne "Sunlight": Which 90s girl does not love Westlife? Nicky remained true to this style. I loved this cheerful song.
8. F.Y.R. Macedonia - Kaliopi "Dona": The chorus with "Dona" was doubtlessly catchy. Kaliopi once again presented us her strong voice but she did not as good as in 2012 with this rather folklore song.
9. Lithuania - Donny Montell "I've Been Waiting For This Night": The song was beautiful but sadly not special to me.
10. Australia - Dami Im "Sound Of Silence": Dami's voice was sick-strong! Also for a change she has worn a beautiful dress. That all made the song catchy for me.
11. Slovenia - ManuElla "Blue And Red": ManuElla has a great English-language capacity. The rhythm of her song was great, lively and strong to make the song.
12. Bulgaria - Poli Genova "If Love Was A Crime": Inspired by the lyrics of this beautiful song I have written my article "I Want To Be A Criminal". I am happy how much many people agree with me that this song is a hit! Very lively and to stand up and join the party. The song has a beautiful message and is not as average. Poli has strongly improved since 2011.
13. Denmark - Lighthouse X "Soldiers Of Love": The song had a great rhythm. I liked its power and how touching the song was.
14. Ukraine - Jamala "1944": Let me tell you, the singer Jamala is Armenian! I am not surprised she is the favorite for so many ones. The tension held in her song is amazing and her song is gold for Armenians.
15. Norway - Agnete "Icebreaker": Agnete is a very beautiful girl! She has a unique change of rhythm and music in her song which I like very much. She is the real queen in this year's Eurovision.
16. Georgia - Nika Kosharow & Young Georgian Lolitaz "Midnight Gold": I liked the act. They were like a Nordic band.
17. Albania - Eneda Tarifa "Fairytale": She has a beautiful deep voice, the mood was deep and taking and the overall act reminded not only me of James Bond.
18. Belgium - Laura Tesoro "What's The Pressure": The best act at the end once again. It was definitely the coolest song which was standing out the most with a bright stage. Also I liked Laura's sequins costume.

After this feedback my personal qualifiers would be the following ones:


And here are the actual qualifierst for the grand final:

Enjoy the party during the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with a very special and attractive act tonight 9 pm [GTM+01]

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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