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today we are traveling to Estonia once again that is why I felt free to greet you in Estonian my dear friends. I once said after Eurovision is before Eurovision when the countries confirm their participation and artists known and unknown raise their voice with the will to represent their country. One group of artists that has left its mark on me is the ladies trio La La Ladies who have participated in the Estonian pre-elections for the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

La La Ladies was founded in 2013 in the Estonian capital Tallinn. The members are Diana Varik, Kethi Uibomägi and Inga Tislar. La La Ladies is known as an electro-pop/pop or swing/swing group. They have had their debuts with swing versions of songs such as "Candyman" by Christina Aguilera or "Turn Me On" by David Guetta. Meanwhile La La Ladies performs with proper songs such as "Unikaalne" (Engl.: unique) its entry for Eurovision or rather the Eesti Laul (Engl.: Estonian Song). The most remarkable thing about La La Ladies is their high level of style.

In the following interview I am talking to the three enchanting ladies about their style - on stage and backstage, their connection to fashion and further music projects.

Fall4Me: Dear La La Ladies me and the readers of my blog feel honored and happy to have you answering questions. We are excited to get to know you so here comes the first question: How was La La Ladies founded? Have you ladies known each other already or have you been brought together?
La La Ladies: Three years ago we didn't know each other. We were invited to be together as a band and so with last two and a half year we have grown together as little family.

Has it always been your goal to be musicians or did you plan to have another profession?
The goals have been different. It is very typical to ask from people who you are and categorize everybody from what job are they doing. For us being an artist and musician, actor, has been part of the growing process. Right know it feels good to do this band and create music but life has shown that todays thoughts can grow for so much larger that we even cannot imagine today. Diana and Kethi are also working on the daytime and Inga is studying in school.

How would you characterize the group La La Ladies?
Feminine, emotional, sincere, sparkly.

What personality traits of each member of this group leave a mark on La La Ladies as it is known and popular for?
Diana is very conqruete and down to earth.
Kethi is always smiling and loves to talk with audience.
Inga is the youngest and keeps us in a chill mode.

Who are the group's inspirations concerning the style and music?
We are listening various music. Lots of American artists pop, r'n'b and club music. Kethi also likes oldschool pop-rock. Diana is into house music, club music and Inga is listening blues, jazz, pop.

What fascinates you about the ladylike, classy rockabilly style?
It has so many options to show each one of our strong sides and is playful. On the same time it is not the everyday outfit from the streets, that makes it more artistic and interesting to watch.

Have you always been ladylike like you show you in public?
On daily bases we are all very different. Being ladylike is our stage look and kinda covering our real faces. It happens all the time that people dont recognize us if we are walking on the streets.

How would each one of you, Kethi, Diana and Inga, describe her personal style? How does your style underline your personality?
Kethi would definitely compare her style with late legend Marylin Monroe. Everything about this enormous icon is always approved by Kethi. She loves to wear high heels and skirts and dresses.

Diana however, can be very different. One day she comes dressed as business woman from Wall Street and the next day she looks like a hip-hop dancer straight out of Step Up movie. I find this variety of her dressing styles very intriguing.

For Inga it actually depends on which day it is. Whether I can feel free and cozy or I need to prove myself and give my everything. Thus I like to compromise and wear something fashionable and comfortable at the same time, but do not take this the wrong way. As every woman I like to put some effort into my appearance.

What are the favorite items in your closet?
Inga: The things I like the most from my closet are my sneakers. I have every different kinds of them. Every season I choose a new favourite pair from the sneakers I already have and it becomes my special pair that I wear the most. Therefore new ones are not always the best ones. the most, so none of them will be forgotten.

How important is fashion in your life as well as with regard to your music group?
Style has to be and is unquestionably important, because it’s the face of the band, the face of each one of us. Our audience and clients already are hoping to see us in feminine clothes and always dressed up.

With your participation and qualification in the Estonian national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest the "Eesti Laul 2016" (English: "Estonian Song") you have unfortunately did not make it to the final but you could gather a lot of attention. What are your plans after the Eesti Laul? Are you going to work on an album?
We are recording new material and creating new songs. Also we have interesting and challenging project going on together with Estonian brand BASTION. We can share a bit that it is included with design and fashion. The time after Eesti Laul has gone extremely fast. We have had lots of gigs and we feel more connected with the audience. It motivates us to move on and get better.

Can we hope to see La La Ladies again next year in the Eesti Laul?
I do not see why we should not. It is an ideal way for an artist to advertise himself, show what he has done and get in to the centre of attention.

Last but not least: Is there something you would like to say to the readers of the Fall4Me blog and specifically this article?
Do not forget to SMILE!

Huge thanks to La La Ladies for this lovely interview. They made you interested? Visit their official site and follow them on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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