The Beginning

Hello sweet people,

today I want to ask you something for the beginning, do you prefer the end of something of a new beginning?
My personal experiences turn out to be that every end has been very hurtful and sad. Nevertheless the restart, the new beginning, has been more good than I could have ever dared to imagine. People most likely do not like changes because they are afraid of the question whether it will be good or not. The more I look around I cannot have enough to separate from what has been surrounding me all this time. To say goodbye to all this poison no good for me and putting me down. I cannot wait to unpack everything new and live into it. I dare a gentle touch on it and with each touch into the white a little fairy tale comes out. But this fairytale is reality and this fairy tale leads me to a wonderful happy end I never want to lose,

Blouse - Chaus
Skinny jeans - Vero Moda

The outfit was inspired by Pamela Sue Martin who played the role of the Carrington older daughter Fallon in the 80s series "Dynasty".

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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