At My Happiest

Hello my dear ones,

the first word... eh, pardon me, color that comes to people's mind when then think of me is: purple! And an unwritten rule of mine is that I would always choose blue over pink. (Would every wise person not?) I do not doubt that everyone is wondering why a person is picking a certain color for one self. As a political science student I am not surprised that I feel like a maniac to argumentively legitimate everything and deep inside I am relieved to know that I have soulmates. But then there are people who do not find the nececity to explain themselves. "Just because!", is the way they are fine. Fair enough I dare to say. I understand these people, they feel simply attracted by the color they are meant for. That color is their fortune of power. 

Here you can look at mine, the shades of bluish purple. And with that even for me everything is said. It is my positive energy, my beauty, my secret, my inspiration, my light, my thoughts, it is everything I am in my complete being. 
I do not want to to exchange this color for the world and I could have not thought of any better color.

Sounds like a declaration of love to you? Well, who knows, maybe it is. There is one thing that purple has taught me: Nothing happens by accident in life. Everything is bearing its secret reason.

Color numbers: C3 and C4

Huge thanks to Tham from My Nails for the very meticulous and professional work. I trust in her and her skills. If you want finest artificial nails or rather nail extension the American style I suggest you to visit Tham and her colleague at My Nails in Hamburg (address: Lange Reihe 5 - close to the central station).

Xoxo ♥ Johanna 

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