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Hello my beautiful people,

once a year there is a People's Choice Awards taking place - also at Fall4Me. If you follow me on Facebook you can review every look and nail art I have blogged about and - as Facebook offers it - add your "like" on the looks and nail arts you like.

At the end of the year I elect the "Look of the Year" and "Nail art of the Year" which is elected by the amount of "likes".

The "Look of the Year" 2015 was very surprising but however predictable since all the likes came shot one after the other when the look was hardly uploaded. My most favorite shopping result of last year, my all time famous dungarees which were one of the hottest trends of the year. I always wanted to have denim dungarees and - surprise, surprise - I have found them in the home country of fashion, France.

The whole look was missing two essential things to complete a look: A bag and shoes since this look was rather a home-look as I have had my best friend at home.

For the vintage style itself I was inspired by the American-Armenian singer Tamar Kaprelian who was one of the member of the supergroup Genealogy that has represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. She inspired me to try and dare more dungarees and still look cool in it. The make-up and leather as my always-rocky trademark is an additional touch of me: eye-catching and crazy.

The look and its story showed me just how similar Tamar and I actually are from the style and certainly also mentally from what I go to observe. And who knows, maybe life will bring us together one day.

Talking about crazy the most popular "Nails of the Year" 2015 just underlined my crazy personality which I also live in my style - especially the make-up or rather beauty. I was originally to mix a third color, purple, in this nail art but it was too late, so in the end a crazy mix of red and green came out since I needed to improvise within a short time.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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