Just Do It!

Hello my dear readership,

let us try something new! The truth is we are going through different phases in our life and during every phase we get to meet people, some of them we keep for a lifetime, to most of them we unfortunately have to say "fare well" for a lifetime. Depending on the phase and the people we got to know them from we are easily  branded as something fan of a certain band/country/etc., gamer, dancer, singer, cosplayer, fashion victim and much more. If not to say we alledgedly would feel love towards the people only because of the phase we have known them through. Are we indeed so shortly minded to not dare to think further?

With most of the people I may feel this way, with most of the people it may seem that there is no further connection or interest. But what saddens me most is the fact that these people would never dare to think that there is more inside you than just something. That you are capable to do more and also that everything in your life has had impact on you and is somehow with the amount of its value an irreplaceable treasure for you.

Sometimes we are depressed sometimes we cover ourselves from the outer world because simply everything seems to go under and everything else does not seem to have a sense anymore. All we have to do is blossoming out anew in something new or something we always wanted to do. Something we have never thought we would do.

Faux-fur vest, faux-leather pants - C&A
Boots - Lacoste
Bracelet, shopper - Douglas
longsleeve shirt - s.Oliver
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte
Lipstick - Manhatten

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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