Happy New Year 2016!

Hello my beloved readership,

I am so happy to have you all back for 2016! I hope you have all had an unforgettably great year-ending and a super amazing start into the new year without to-dos undone, words unspoken, promises unkept and favors unreturned. May 2016 make your dreams and wishes come true, bring you success and joy, keep you healthy and be blessed and full of love with your dearest ones.

And always remember to start your new year with positive energy like this...

I have celebrated 2016 in the very noble Casino Esplanade also known as Casino Hamburg with my top 3 - my family - where we have welcomed the new year on the balcony with a firework. The evening offered a disco with a live DJ, sparkling wine, some snacks and the traditional German meal for New Year's Eve: Berliners.
In addition every guest got gifts: piggy bags as much as one can carry and some roulette chips.

While the year 2015 was pretty much overviewing for me with 2016 I feel like entering a white horizon entered from a black cave. Of course I know about yearly dates like Easter, Christmas or birthdays but even with those I seem to have absolutely no expectations from this year. I keep on walking but I do not see or recognize anything. So I am fully of hopes for what concerns the new year which is so full of purities and I am very forward-looking to happy surprizes.

Another way I would like to interpret the new year is with a personal beginning of January trend: innocent flowers on a black field.

The flowers are blossoming beautifully on a black field but you do cannot see how deep they are planted. There is no end visible. And this is how I feel with the new year and everything that surrounds me and my everyday-life. Happy flowers from which you do not know what they are bearing inside or rather no end in a positive way. The eternity.

Top - GUESS?
Skirt - Ted Baker
Mini bag - Ted Baker
Lipstick - P2
Necklace - SIX

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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