Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon

Hello my beautiful people,

"we both know that it's not fashionable to love me" - because of lines like these we love Lana Del Rey; unique, personal, meaningful. The most important thing is that Lana Del Rey writes and composes nearly - with slight exceptions - all of her songs on her own, the result we get to see are deep songs that are coming from a deep thinker's heart. No surprise she is one of my idols, moreover no surprise she is listened to.

She once again proved it with her newest album "Honeymoon" from which I got the special edition from my brother last year's for Christmas.

Same procedure as every year: On Christmas 2013 I got the special
edition of Lana Del Rey's first album "Born To Die: The Paradise
Edition" from my brother; on my 21st birthday (2014) I got her 
second album "Ultraviolence" from him and last but not least for
Christmas 2015 he gave me the special edition of her third album

Lana Del Rey begins her album with a very sensual title song and clear lyrics. The further her album continues the more the rhythm of her songs get and the louder the lyrics are sung. Lana Del Rey remains loyal to her unique sensual Indie-style she is famous and popular for but she proves to make it more interesting and listenable with new catchy additional tones.
The most remarkable thing for me about the special edition was, apart from beautiful fan-cards of hers a sealed booklet. In the photos for her new album Lana Del Rey shows us a new style of hers: Bangs; that let her look about 10 years younger along with the straight red-brown hair. I indeed enjoyed this shooting of hers, after a dark and gloomy "Ultraviolence" Lana seems to show calmness and brightness with a clear blue sky and a field full of flowers as Chuck Grant and Neil Krug illustrated it with "Honeymoon" as if she has found an new way to go.

If I had to pick some favorite songs of the album out of all - of course - I would choose "Honeymoon", "Music To Watch Boys To", "God Knows I Tried", "High By The Beach", "Art Deco", "24", "The Blackest Day" and "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood". I admire Lana Del Rey fpr her strong and openly demonstrated sense of belief to god which has become something very rare now our days apart from that I mark these songs as the most memorable and catchy ones.

But listen yourself and pick your favorites.

Personally I think that Lana Del Rey surpassed herself with "Honeymoon". It gave me inspiration and strength for further personal musical projects and the songs touched me deeply and stayed in my mind.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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