Ultima - Reach For The Stars

Hello my dears,

usually it is said that whatever we do we do it for ourselves - or at least we are to do it for ourselves. But us human are born to act according to a sense and reason. It can be an outer manipulation that makes us act uncontrolled or it can be a convinced act out of motivation. The will to reach for the stars because we want to be the best person for someone else and bring out the best of us, for this person. We say goodbye to the sluggishness and comfort we have been used to because the motivation out of love gives us new juice of life. Love is where life begins and a person that fulfills us is the reason to live actively. The fear of its loss - because nothing in this life is guaranteed - makes us reach for the stars. Reach for the ultimate and makes us the strongest person we have never thought we could be.

Dress - Paparazzi
Scarf - Ukraine import
High-heels - Akira
Lipstick - Calvin Klein
Earrings - I am

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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