Throwback Thursday: 10 Years Hühnerposten Eventlocation

Happy (throwback) Thursday my dear readers,

approximately two months ago I have had the chance to meet my good friends and my most favorite DJane duo 2elements in Hamburg who were invited to perform as special guests in occasion for the 10th anniversary of the eventlocation Hühnerposten in the city center of Hamburg.

I am usually not a fan of the club scene in Hamburg but with the club Hühnerposten I make an exception. The eventlocation offers three rooms with each one having a lounge and a bar included and a proper DJ playing another playlist in each room - two small ones and one big ones. There is as well an opportunity to cool down outside and still be connected to what is happening inside in the biggest room, however that one turned out to be the coldest in the cold fall/winter season.

The DJane duo 2elements consisting of Anie and July from Düsseldorf was founded in 1999. The girls were introduced to each other by friends in a club and found each other having the common passion towards the clublife and music. First the girls were supported by friends who had offered them the deejaying equipment meanwhile 2elements is an internationally known duo that is frequently performing electro and dance songs all over the world and produces its own remixes.

Since I have followed their performance announcement for Hamburg for which I have waited approximately one year they were kind enough to add me and my best friend to their guest list. We have had to wait for the girls for some longer while but as it is said, good products need their time, so the party was even harder on the Saturday night of October 10th, 2015 when the girls were finally at the control desk.

With Anie from 2elements

Once in a while the two of us in front of the camera

July and Anie posing for Fall4Me :)

Check out the DJane duo here. And for all the photos from the girls live at Hühnerposten by Fall4Me visit my Facebook page.

Huge thanks for the invitation and see you soon again! It is truly a must to party with 2elements.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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