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if you liked Her Bright Skies from what you have got to find out from my articles you will doubtlessly love the band Monday Kills. Monday Kills is a four headed pop-punk band from Jönköping, Sweden, which was founded in 2013. The members are Erik Brolin (lead-vocals and guitar), Erik Lago (guitar), Eric Lindqvist (bass) and Arvid Öhrn (drums). Some of you may wonder where the connection Her Bright Skies and Monday Kills is, some others may get a flash of inspiration and notice the common surname of both bands' lead-singers, Right, Johan "Jaybee" Brolin and Erik Brolin are brothers as that share major passions such as music.

From left: Eric Lindqvist, Erik Brolin, Erik Lago and Arvid Öhrn.

Monday Kills is surely a band to love since as a pop-punk band they provide a large field of music for nearly everybody. This proves among others their new album "Like, whatever" which has worldwidely been released this month. It was hard to choose favorites out of the ten titles from the album since every sing was catchy, lively and cheerful. However if I were to choose the ones I have found outstand were "Drive", "I Like It Rough", "Damn! I Want Ya", "Tidsmaskin", "Little Black Book", "Black & White" and "Paradise". You see it still is nearly the whole album.

In the following interview I have got in contact with the band and asked them about the band, the new album and some plans for the future. Read the whole interview below and have fun with Monday Kills.

Fall4Me: How would you describe the band Monday Kills in one word?
Monday Kills: Tough start.. Versatile, maybe.

Thinking back to 2013 what is the history of Monday Kills, how did everything start?Well, it all started with Erik and Erik, who wanted to try something new while playing in a band called Evelyn. We started writing pop-punk songs, that turned out good, we asked Eric to tag along and a little bit later Arvid joined.
It is known that Erik (B.)'s older brother Johan Brolin aka Jaybee is the lead singer and with Petter Nilsson aka Pete the founder of the band Her Bright Skies. How has that band influence you?
They have influenced us in different ways, since we all are close friends and basically all of us have played with them at some point. Of course, Johan and Erik, being brothers, share a lot of things too. We also work a lot with Niclas, who is a great producer.
The fact that within a group of four there are three Eriks or rather Eric is widely considered as crazy and funny. What do you think about it and how to you answer to the outer reactions?We actually don’t think about it that much. Sometimes Arvid calls out ”Erik”, and the three of us turn around, wondering who he’s talking to, which can be pretty funny. But usually we just call each other nicknames, often being our surnames. We do get a lot of questions about this, but the truth is, it’s just a funny coincidence.
This month you have released your album "Like, whatever". Does this album hold a special story or meaning?
Lyrically the songs are simply romaticizing about teenage life. Also we have a kind of ”we do whatever we feel like-vibe” on the album, hence the title. We’ve just been writing whatever songs we could pop out from our heads, not wanting it to be any type of specific genre, but rather just a song that we all liked.
What is your favorite song from the album?
We all like different songs, and favorites shift every now and then. Here’s our current favorites; Lago: Drive
Brolin: Black & White 
Lindqvist: Warpaint
Arvid: Tidsmaskin

How have you been inspired to write and produce this album?Inspiration comes and goes, but we always like to hang out with each other and this album has been a lot about that. Sometimes we just met up in the studio or at someones apartment and tried to write a song, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. We wrote a lot in the studio so the producing kind of just came along with it. Not much have been post-produced.
Which are your favorite bands or musicians and who of them influenced Monday Kills?We love a lot of different bands. Everything from Sum 41, The Maine, 30 seconds to Mars and Bring Me The Horizon to One Direction. I guess everyone influence our music since we simply write what comes to mind.
Which countries would you love to perform in?
We would love to play everywhere, of course. America would be fun and of course som more in Europe.
If you wouldn't be musicians, what would you be?I have no idea, haha. We’d still be best friends, I know that.
With regard that Sweden will be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest next year. Can you imagine representing your country of origin once there?
I don’t know. I don’t think it’s the right platform for us. But you never know, when we started Monday Kills, we never thought we would write a song in Swedish. But here we are now.

Is there anything you would like to say to all your fans, the readers of this blog or everyone all over the world?
Of course, a big thank you to everyone who supports us, come to our shows and buys our music and merch. Hope to see you on the road!

Thank you for this great interview Monday Kills! 

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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