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Hey my dears,

my god is the city center full during Christmas time. Everyone is very much awake and thrilled with positive stress to get the perfect Christmas gifts for their beloved ones. And what do I do? Looking to fill my closet with the latest trends and missing essentials since better a little too late but never I already have a perfect gifts in my bag.

Check out my basics and essentials below:

A basic black blouse is not to neglect and elemental in a woman's closet.
Best material is chiffon because you do not need to iron it after washing.
So wear it without worries.
 By Karstadt

Faux fur is back for Christmas time. This time however in damped shades
bright than black.
By C&A

I have been looking for an elegant denim jacket previously but at the
moment when I have forgot about it I have found a super lovely one.
What I love in particular are the details.
By C&A

After my leather pants have "died" I very badly needed new ones. Of 
course these are not as cool as my previous ones with the rivets but 
leather is what matters.
By C&A

Navy blue and joggers stay as trend for women, style your basic business
look with joggers.

Flower dresses by C&A

These rocky boots are essential for me, you know it, we all know it.
Especially in black leather.
By C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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