Quarree Gesichter 2014

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at the beginning of Febuary the casting for the model contest "Quarree Gesicher 2014" (Engl.: Quarree Faces 2014) has started in the shopping center "Quarree Wandsbek" in Hamburg again.
It is the third time that this contest takes place and led by Alexander Strauß. It is known as the largest model-contest which gives everyone the chance for a model career. The crew of the QG is looking for male and female models and plus-size models from size 42 (German). The three winners will become the faces of the shopping center Quarree for the next year. However that doesn't mean that the other participants don't have the chance to fulfill their dream of modelling.
The contest takes more rounds and goes over eight months and every time more people have to to leave after some time if they don't practise well enough at home and in the workshops.

It starts with the casting that goes over a week. Sometimes the scouts are even asking people they meet if they are interested or people who have participated in the last contest and didn't come further for different reasons (either they didn't make it or they had to stop) participate again. Everyone is allowed to participate who didn't make it to the final. But this time something new happened. A girl who was in the final of the plus-size category lost a lot of weight and was allowed to participate in the normal female category.
I've got to know about it through the Quarree Facebook-page and asked one of my good friends if she'd like to accompany me.

So we went to the casting not knowing what we had to do. I assumed that we might have to walk on the catwalk. Thinking that high-heels were required and the catwalk was slippery I've chosen a look according to those shoes that usually don't slip and I've also trained my walk a little bit at home.

It wasn't that full when we were there so it was easier. We had to walk on the catwalk a few time and smile. What was checked were our expression and our walk. One crew member showed us how to and she helped me to get less nervous. I know myself that it could have been better when I wasn't nervous but it was enough to get invited to the recall which was one week after with the order to train and the clues she gave me - looking up and not moving my knees that much.

The first I trained for the recall was a breathing-technique against the nervousity:
- sit down straight and rest your hands on your knees or tights
- take a deep breath in through your nose with your mouth closed,
- hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out for about five seconds through your mouth
- do it ten times a day and before the event. That will help.
Besides from that 
- ask yourself what's the worst thing that could happen during the event?
- practice(!) If you are well prepared you are more self-confident
- think positive

Doing all this helped me to make it through the recall. There it is asked to walk twice back and forth on the catwalk on high-heels and styled while you're smiling.
Alexander suggested us to wear clothes where our moves could be seen well, so a skinny outfit. He suggested us the typical model styling: skinny jeans and a skinny shirt.
I follwed that suggestion and pimped that outfit with my snake accessoires (earrings, bag and ankle boots). As it is the year of the snake it should be by my side and bring me luck.

The jury gave the feedback right after the walk, where we were accompanied by music. It was very full of audience meanwhile. Two similar participants were always walking after each other. Then the feedback and decision took place with some questions.
Among the jury there were the winners of the past years and the leader.
The host liked my outfit especially with the shoes and the little bag and I've told her that I got the shoes for Christmas from my mother and that maybe that would bring me luck - so she said let's see if luck will help.
I was asked by the first female winner if I had fun on the catwalk. I answered that I admit I was very nervous but I did have fun and she smiled and said that this could be seen from my smile.
My secret? - I was thinking of my special most cherished someone :)
The second winner asked me a very unexpected question if I would dare to pose and walk in underwear too as this will be asked, too sooner or later. I told her that daring is not the question but I wouldn't like to disappoint my strict and old schooled parents.


Every participant had to get three times a "yes" to come further. I got mine from the one who had given me clues at the casting and from the one who cheered us up before the show began and who gave us some clues, too.
She said that she could see that I've had fun. And the first winner gave me the thrid "yes". Happily I went to the photoshoot afterwards and took my papers for the workshop 1.
My friend also made it to the workshop.

Now it is asked to practice, practice, practice to make it further.

I've never met such a wonderful team as at the QG - the crew from the jury 'til the camera team everyone and the participants - and I can't wait to work together with them at the workshops! They were all very nice to us and open for the bunch of our questions and everything was perfectly prepared. Don't miss the chance to participate in the next year! Everyone has the chance :)

Stay tuned for more of the QG 2014.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Hot, Vivacious, Mexican


about one and a half years ago me and one of my best friends started to try out all fast-food restaurants and cafés in Hamburg, with the goal to see what you can actually have outside when you go out with a boy without disgracing yourself.
Apart from that we have found new insiders for every restaurant or café we've tried so far.

So Saturday we've tried Mexican food in the shopping center Europa Passage located in the city center. We've concluded that you can actually it Mexican main courses - like maize with chicken - with a guy. That was the first time we've had such a result. But you definetly need a cold drink with it because the insider this time was that Mexican meals are so spicy afterwards that you will spit fire. But however it was very delicious. Next time we will try the famous Tacos.

Try it out yourself Gecko - Mexican food.

The outfit I chose for this was elegant for the meal and casual for the shopping-tour afterwards and in the colours of the Mexican flag and mainly red for the temprament of the culture as an exception with year.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Red? Stored!


in my last entry I've promised you to name more reasons why orange and purple are the dreamteam of 2013.
Well the warmest among the warm colours , red, is stored for this year.
According to the Chinese calendar 2013 is the year of the snake. The snake shall bring you luck so you should dress and decorate your surrounding according to its preferences. What the snake dislikes most is the bright, easily visible colour red and so far I have hardly seen anyone wearing it not even among the celebrities. I have seen the majority replacing red this year with a strong pink for example which I think is a great alterntive. The snake loves the colours of the nature: blue, orange, green, brown, purple, etc. They will rule the year and especially the spring and summer season 2013.

Red is stored for now. Soft shades are asked.
I have only worn this red outfit becuse of the Mexican meal, my friend and I were going to have on the passed weekend.
More about that on my next post.

Stay tuned for that.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Dreamteam 2013


I've already told you that this year is dominated by soft colours, by clearness and standardization. But that doesn't mean that there won't be a gamut colours this year, too.

I would like to introduce the dreamteam of 2013 today, pastel purple and orange. Personally I think that they fit perfect together because both colous are o different but to perfect together, at once. Purple with its mystery and darkness and orange with its warmth that causes good mood inside you and awakens your positive emotions. Both colours have a romantic touch in themselves and create the perfect golden middle. That's why I would say that they are definetly the dreamteam of 2013 the other reasons you will see in my next entries.

Stay tuned until that.

Bijou Brigitte and some of my friends among others has also discovered this trend already, too.

A little addition for the nails, natually they should be uniform but you can have a little mix like you see it on the photo, too.

Nail polish - P2 (850/wow, wow, wow!, 540/ poetic)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Be Elegant!


spring is the time of the year when the days start to get warmer and sunnier, when all the different and colourful flowers start to blossom out and when the butterflies in your belly start to become more and more.

Especially for girls it is the time to be fanciful and moreover elegant. The perfect accessories I would recommend therefore are stud earrings.
Of course these are hard to see if you wear your hair untied and long or if you have other catchy clothes or accessories worn that's why it is important to wear such stud earrings that are big and include diamonds or crystals. That makes them glittery and shinier.

Check out my selection below, my person favourites are my Chanel earrings, the square one with the white crystal and the one that looks like a pearl.

Stud earrings - H&M, Chanel, Vero Moda

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Stripes, stripes, stripes...


stripes have latest been celebrated as a big trend in last year's fall season. Back then strong and gaudy colours also belonged to the trend.
For everyone who loves stripes: Don't store them! They remain at least in the spring season. The only thing that changes is that the stripe trend for the warmer season goes black and white.
The most popular garment are the black and white striped pants according to fashion magazine and the celebrities.

I've firstly seen my idol Piret Järvis from the band Vanilla Ninja wearing them in 2008 and compined them in a fanciful, ladylike look. I got inspired by her style and copied her look two years ago.

Photo: Laura Kallasvee

At the beginning of the month the Estonian singer Marie Vaigla found those pants for herself too.

Photo: ETV

The motto is: Don't be shy, play with stripes. Everything is allowed in spring.
Check some more stripe-looks out below:

Striped pants - H&M, striped skirt - H&M, striped t-shirt - C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Love your smell!


one of my followers wished a post where I write about the fragrances I use. So here I go with my most preferred selection.

Without wearing perfume I don't start my day. I usually like to try many different perfumes and discover new fragrances that please me. I actually like sweet and fresh fragrances which aren't too strong.

My most favourite fragrance will always stay Lolita Lempicka Eau de Toilette. It's the fragrance I immediately fell in love with many years ago. Not only because of the beautiful (purple) flacon but also because of of its sweet smell good for young ladies or adults. It's a fragrance I would always recommend because no matter where you go - to school or out in the evening - it always works.

A fragrance I also love is Intimately Beckham for women. But this one is a little bit stronger even though it is sweet. Therefore I would rather recommend you to use it on special occasions or when you go out with friends in the evening. It would also work for a date.
The Be Delicious fragrance by DKNY is a rather fresh and strong one but because it is so fresh you can use in your everyday-life. It is perfect for for the spring season and stimulates you for the sunny time and also gives you some power and positive emotions.

The label Escada has never disappointed me what concerns their fragrances. You can say it's my most favourite label for perfumes.

The older fragrance Pacific Paradise is a real summer-perfume. For those who have never tried it, it's very sweet and strong but also has something fresh in it so that it becomes the perfect summer-fragrance. Because it makes you wear colourful clothes and accessoires and become the sunshine and eye-catcher on the beach.

The newer perfumes by Escada - Absolutely me and Desire me are less strong and sweet. If not to say they are rather elegant fragrances you can use everywhere just like the Lolita perfume. Whereas those two fragrances can be used by elder women and aldults better than for little girls.

Two years ago in winter I used Absolutely me since last year my everyday-accompany has become the fragrance Desire me.
Insider-tipp: during Christmas time they sell a special version in Germany, two roller balls 2x 6ml for 9,99 €. In case you don't know what to get for next Christmas you now do know it ;)

And in every case I have the cologne Fa - Luxurious Moments with me in my bag. It has something sweet but is rather sensual.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Black 'n' Grey

Grey mouse? - No Thanks!


whoever thinks that grey is a boring and pale colour is on the wrong way. In the winter time grey is blossoming out and becomes the star of the season. My favourite combination with this colour is the black-grey-duet that can be either rocky (as I prefer it with rivets and chains) or noble.
No matter how you combine it in the silent and sensual winter season you can underline the mysterious soul inside you with this colour especially because it doesn't go under in the eternal snow and darkness.
I suggest to wear it with black because then the grey colour stands out best.

Check out two of my looks to have a rough imagination.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopping Results


on Wednesday I've met my best friend from university again. We've been shopping in the city center and after that we've had a coffee at Balzac Coffee.

Check out my shopping results below:

I need and prefer creme-oil body lotions with a higher oil content. I also can recommend that because oil calms the skin and cleans it besides from that. Especially pigmention marks. The cassis savour has caught my senses and the purple colour my eyes.

Creme-oil body lotion by Balea - Budnikowski

Always if I step in at Budnikowski I love to see what new nail polishes are out from the label P2 (my favourite cosmetics mark). I've told you pastel colours are trendy this year and the colour-duo of spring-summer 2013 is definetly (pastel) orange and (pastel) purple so I had to buy this colour naturally. I will wear it in March as for Febuary pastel green is up to date. Of course I've told you that your nails should be clear and uniform but when it gets warmer you can include two colours on every second finger the same colour.

Nail polish by P2 (850 - Wow! Wow! Wow!) - Budnikowski

Last but not least I've bought a crayon set and a special and my most prefered purple and a sharpener as my special most cherished someone suggested me to use that to improve with painting :)

Crayons and sharpener - Idee

Coffee after shopping at Balzac Coffee:

Yesterday after the model-casting where I went with my other best friend (we passed the casting and were invited to the recall :) ). We went for a little shopping-tour as we finished unexpectedly quick with the casting and still had some time.

I've found a beautiful bracelet I wanted to include to my collection as it's very elegant.

Bracelet - J.Club by Karstadt

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Complex #9


this post is dedicated to one of my dear followers as he wished an article about him, A$AP Rocky who was ranked in the top 10 of "The Most Stylish Rappers of All Time" by Complex. To be more precize he's ranked on place #9.

What surprised me is that he was even ranked higher than rappers like Jay-Z or P.Diddy. The reason is that A$AP Rocky brings a new fresh look into the hip-hop scene mixing classic looks with street-look shoes. So just like the number #1 Kanye West he lifts up from the average hip-hop style. Also he likes to wear fashion by Margiela but also Alexander Wang.

Musically the newcomer has also brought something new. Gothic into the rap.

Convince yourself by him.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Star Style #4 - Kanye West

Heyhey friends,

Kanye West... where do you start when it comes to Kanye West? - Maybe how I got to know about him. When I'm on the road by car (driven by my parents at that time) I always love to listen to music. My favourite channels are N-Joy and Energy 97.1. And anyway when it was time for the Energy music charts again and then they've talked about Kanye West feat. Jamie Fox and the song "Gold Digger" which really caught my ears with the outstanding (and also quite funny) sound. Later on I've heard about more songs of him and not matter which song it was. I always loved it. What a surprise he is also my special most cherished someone's favourite rapper.
"Kanye West is always cool" is what I generally say.

In public he is considered to be (one of) the most successful rappers, composers and producers. Especially in the Hip-Hop-scene the fashion-designer has a huge impact and is THE trend-setter. No surprise he has been ranked on place #1 of "The Most Stylish Rappers of All Time" by Complex .

West is someone who is seen among the rappers as his style is not about the avarage hip-hop style with XXL-clothes and too much bling bling. He brings the high-class note into the world of hip-hop with his suits and shuttered shades and wearing high-class fashion-labels like Margiela or Louis Vuitton.

I'm also happy to see that there is a whole page dedicated to him and more particular to his style.

I think my most favourite song of him is "Runaway" because of the beautiful piano melody.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Magic Moments


something you should know about me is that I love cooking and eating and as a creative mind especially culinary specialties. Yesterday during food-shopping I've discovered a new flavour from the yoghurt Dany Sahne by Danone, cherry. It is only available for a short time. Looking at the packing I suppose for the time around Valentine's Day.
The quite sour cherry flavour brings a good contrast to the sweet whipped cream.

Try it as long as you can.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Remember me!


who remembers the chic, fanciful belts with clip-buckle which were available in many different colours? - The trend was celebrated in 2006 when I was 12/13. Back then I've bought a lot of these belts and created a little collected which I took out again when I wanted to bring colour into my look of the day n119.

I hope the shops will soon include those belts again. They are perfectly worn this season especially with jeans and less pattern.

Style tipp:
adapt your accessoires to your belt, just like I did.

Belt - Kookai, C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna



since yesterday you can also find me on Twitter. Just search for @FashionblogJK and follow my tweets. I'm looking forward to you!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Accessory of the Month


it's Russian and it's known under the name "Shapka" (шапка) - which actually means cap.
Meant is the fur cap which has also won central Europe for two years now and is dominating the winterseason.

Trendy and versatile for every type, look and age for him and her I see the very warm cap on almost every head. Save the trend if you haven't!

Especially for the cold Febuary month I'd say that the Shapka is worth being the accessoire of the month.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna 

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