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on Wednesday I've met my best friend from university again. We've been shopping in the city center and after that we've had a coffee at Balzac Coffee.

Check out my shopping results below:

I need and prefer creme-oil body lotions with a higher oil content. I also can recommend that because oil calms the skin and cleans it besides from that. Especially pigmention marks. The cassis savour has caught my senses and the purple colour my eyes.

Creme-oil body lotion by Balea - Budnikowski

Always if I step in at Budnikowski I love to see what new nail polishes are out from the label P2 (my favourite cosmetics mark). I've told you pastel colours are trendy this year and the colour-duo of spring-summer 2013 is definetly (pastel) orange and (pastel) purple so I had to buy this colour naturally. I will wear it in March as for Febuary pastel green is up to date. Of course I've told you that your nails should be clear and uniform but when it gets warmer you can include two colours on every second finger the same colour.

Nail polish by P2 (850 - Wow! Wow! Wow!) - Budnikowski

Last but not least I've bought a crayon set and a special and my most prefered purple and a sharpener as my special most cherished someone suggested me to use that to improve with painting :)

Crayons and sharpener - Idee

Coffee after shopping at Balzac Coffee:

Yesterday after the model-casting where I went with my other best friend (we passed the casting and were invited to the recall :) ). We went for a little shopping-tour as we finished unexpectedly quick with the casting and still had some time.

I've found a beautiful bracelet I wanted to include to my collection as it's very elegant.

Bracelet - J.Club by Karstadt

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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