Quarree Gesichter 2014

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at the beginning of Febuary the casting for the model contest "Quarree Gesicher 2014" (Engl.: Quarree Faces 2014) has started in the shopping center "Quarree Wandsbek" in Hamburg again.
It is the third time that this contest takes place and led by Alexander Strauß. It is known as the largest model-contest which gives everyone the chance for a model career. The crew of the QG is looking for male and female models and plus-size models from size 42 (German). The three winners will become the faces of the shopping center Quarree for the next year. However that doesn't mean that the other participants don't have the chance to fulfill their dream of modelling.
The contest takes more rounds and goes over eight months and every time more people have to to leave after some time if they don't practise well enough at home and in the workshops.

It starts with the casting that goes over a week. Sometimes the scouts are even asking people they meet if they are interested or people who have participated in the last contest and didn't come further for different reasons (either they didn't make it or they had to stop) participate again. Everyone is allowed to participate who didn't make it to the final. But this time something new happened. A girl who was in the final of the plus-size category lost a lot of weight and was allowed to participate in the normal female category.
I've got to know about it through the Quarree Facebook-page and asked one of my good friends if she'd like to accompany me.

So we went to the casting not knowing what we had to do. I assumed that we might have to walk on the catwalk. Thinking that high-heels were required and the catwalk was slippery I've chosen a look according to those shoes that usually don't slip and I've also trained my walk a little bit at home.

It wasn't that full when we were there so it was easier. We had to walk on the catwalk a few time and smile. What was checked were our expression and our walk. One crew member showed us how to and she helped me to get less nervous. I know myself that it could have been better when I wasn't nervous but it was enough to get invited to the recall which was one week after with the order to train and the clues she gave me - looking up and not moving my knees that much.

The first I trained for the recall was a breathing-technique against the nervousity:
- sit down straight and rest your hands on your knees or tights
- take a deep breath in through your nose with your mouth closed,
- hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out for about five seconds through your mouth
- do it ten times a day and before the event. That will help.
Besides from that 
- ask yourself what's the worst thing that could happen during the event?
- practice(!) If you are well prepared you are more self-confident
- think positive

Doing all this helped me to make it through the recall. There it is asked to walk twice back and forth on the catwalk on high-heels and styled while you're smiling.
Alexander suggested us to wear clothes where our moves could be seen well, so a skinny outfit. He suggested us the typical model styling: skinny jeans and a skinny shirt.
I follwed that suggestion and pimped that outfit with my snake accessoires (earrings, bag and ankle boots). As it is the year of the snake it should be by my side and bring me luck.

The jury gave the feedback right after the walk, where we were accompanied by music. It was very full of audience meanwhile. Two similar participants were always walking after each other. Then the feedback and decision took place with some questions.
Among the jury there were the winners of the past years and the leader.
The host liked my outfit especially with the shoes and the little bag and I've told her that I got the shoes for Christmas from my mother and that maybe that would bring me luck - so she said let's see if luck will help.
I was asked by the first female winner if I had fun on the catwalk. I answered that I admit I was very nervous but I did have fun and she smiled and said that this could be seen from my smile.
My secret? - I was thinking of my special most cherished someone :)
The second winner asked me a very unexpected question if I would dare to pose and walk in underwear too as this will be asked, too sooner or later. I told her that daring is not the question but I wouldn't like to disappoint my strict and old schooled parents.


Every participant had to get three times a "yes" to come further. I got mine from the one who had given me clues at the casting and from the one who cheered us up before the show began and who gave us some clues, too.
She said that she could see that I've had fun. And the first winner gave me the thrid "yes". Happily I went to the photoshoot afterwards and took my papers for the workshop 1.
My friend also made it to the workshop.

Now it is asked to practice, practice, practice to make it further.

I've never met such a wonderful team as at the QG - the crew from the jury 'til the camera team everyone and the participants - and I can't wait to work together with them at the workshops! They were all very nice to us and open for the bunch of our questions and everything was perfectly prepared. Don't miss the chance to participate in the next year! Everyone has the chance :)

Stay tuned for more of the QG 2014.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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