Stripes, stripes, stripes...


stripes have latest been celebrated as a big trend in last year's fall season. Back then strong and gaudy colours also belonged to the trend.
For everyone who loves stripes: Don't store them! They remain at least in the spring season. The only thing that changes is that the stripe trend for the warmer season goes black and white.
The most popular garment are the black and white striped pants according to fashion magazine and the celebrities.

I've firstly seen my idol Piret Järvis from the band Vanilla Ninja wearing them in 2008 and compined them in a fanciful, ladylike look. I got inspired by her style and copied her look two years ago.

Photo: Laura Kallasvee

At the beginning of the month the Estonian singer Marie Vaigla found those pants for herself too.

Photo: ETV

The motto is: Don't be shy, play with stripes. Everything is allowed in spring.
Check some more stripe-looks out below:

Striped pants - H&M, striped skirt - H&M, striped t-shirt - C&A

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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