Star Style #4 - Kanye West

Heyhey friends,

Kanye West... where do you start when it comes to Kanye West? - Maybe how I got to know about him. When I'm on the road by car (driven by my parents at that time) I always love to listen to music. My favourite channels are N-Joy and Energy 97.1. And anyway when it was time for the Energy music charts again and then they've talked about Kanye West feat. Jamie Fox and the song "Gold Digger" which really caught my ears with the outstanding (and also quite funny) sound. Later on I've heard about more songs of him and not matter which song it was. I always loved it. What a surprise he is also my special most cherished someone's favourite rapper.
"Kanye West is always cool" is what I generally say.

In public he is considered to be (one of) the most successful rappers, composers and producers. Especially in the Hip-Hop-scene the fashion-designer has a huge impact and is THE trend-setter. No surprise he has been ranked on place #1 of "The Most Stylish Rappers of All Time" by Complex .

West is someone who is seen among the rappers as his style is not about the avarage hip-hop style with XXL-clothes and too much bling bling. He brings the high-class note into the world of hip-hop with his suits and shuttered shades and wearing high-class fashion-labels like Margiela or Louis Vuitton.

I'm also happy to see that there is a whole page dedicated to him and more particular to his style.

I think my most favourite song of him is "Runaway" because of the beautiful piano melody.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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