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about one and a half years ago me and one of my best friends started to try out all fast-food restaurants and cafés in Hamburg, with the goal to see what you can actually have outside when you go out with a boy without disgracing yourself.
Apart from that we have found new insiders for every restaurant or café we've tried so far.

So Saturday we've tried Mexican food in the shopping center Europa Passage located in the city center. We've concluded that you can actually it Mexican main courses - like maize with chicken - with a guy. That was the first time we've had such a result. But you definetly need a cold drink with it because the insider this time was that Mexican meals are so spicy afterwards that you will spit fire. But however it was very delicious. Next time we will try the famous Tacos.

Try it out yourself Gecko - Mexican food.

The outfit I chose for this was elegant for the meal and casual for the shopping-tour afterwards and in the colours of the Mexican flag and mainly red for the temprament of the culture as an exception with year.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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