Be Elegant!


spring is the time of the year when the days start to get warmer and sunnier, when all the different and colourful flowers start to blossom out and when the butterflies in your belly start to become more and more.

Especially for girls it is the time to be fanciful and moreover elegant. The perfect accessories I would recommend therefore are stud earrings.
Of course these are hard to see if you wear your hair untied and long or if you have other catchy clothes or accessories worn that's why it is important to wear such stud earrings that are big and include diamonds or crystals. That makes them glittery and shinier.

Check out my selection below, my person favourites are my Chanel earrings, the square one with the white crystal and the one that looks like a pearl.

Stud earrings - H&M, Chanel, Vero Moda

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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