Time To Make Two Short Points.

Hello my sweethearts ♥

I hope you missed me as much as I missed you as it has been a little while since my last "delicious" post. Talking about it has anyone of you already tried to prepare it? And did you like it?
Well you can tell me later.

I have to apologize for having let you wait so long for this post but my last essay and health condition didn't let me blog as planned.Today I have finished and feel much much better.

First of all I want to refer you to my brother's Blog and Twitter. He has already blogged for a few months and discovered the social network for himself today. He will be very happy about many new follwers just like me.
His posts are mainly about criticism on our society spiced with a satirical language. But explore it yourself: The wish for more.

Secondly I would like to thank you for over 200 followers on Instagram, it really made my day on Sunday and for many new followers on Facebook when the new week started. It was just a perfect start.

Thirdly I want to refer you to the Facebook page of my dancing school which is looking for a new cover photo made by fans. You can vote by just "liking" the photo(s) you like. Mine is also in the competition and I would be very grateful to get your vote.
Fourthly (and now we are also coming to the main topic of today's post) heartily congratulations to duchess Kate and Prince Willian to their cute "Baby Cambridge" - What do you think the baby's name will actually be? - I could think it would be the name of one of his ancestors.

The title of today's post and Kate's dress already tell a lot about today's trend-entry. But this ambiguous title includes more. A two trends in one post entry about shorts and points or rather dots.

The cheeky dots have already always been trendy, especially for spring and summer. No matter how you wear or combine them, they always give your look the feminine touch. And whoever claims that those dots are something for mothers or grandmothers hasn't met the chic and elegant girl of today wearing them and even the new mother Kate looks rather girly than old-fashioned in her dots.

Kate before her motherhood

The dots mostly remind of a sexy, elegant and feminine young woman of the 50s, the time of Marilyn Monroe, who may have set this trend. Therefore this trend is worn best with deep (dark) red lips (matt) and pearls. But that doesn't mean that this trend is only made for blondes. Kate and I presented you the opposite.

The second trend I will talk about will be kept short - what an irony that the trend is about shorts. Joke aside. As I have already told you about the Marlene trend not long ago this will just be a little addition: Long shorts - I'm sorry if I sound sarcastic with all these wordplays - wide in the style of the Marlene (what for we may talk about a short Marlene) worn with a big belt and high wedges are a real runner in the fashion world now.
Surely you may think that you look like an archeologist but a trendy one if you combine it with the right accessories a beautiful belt for the wasp waist and your trendy wedges.

This may be all and enough for now. Enjoy the trends and make fashionable points, but don't keep it too short.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Amazing post!!! I love your blog and your style!
    I`m shure many new followers will come every day.
    Let`s follow each other in google and blogloving? ;-)



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