Shopping Results


before I present you my yesterday's shopping results I want to wish all my French here a joyeuse fête nationale! In order to their Independence Day - I have earlier posted it on my Twitter so it would reach my audiance there and on Facebook.

The best thing about yesterday's shopping tour was in the first place to meet my beautiful bestie S. again after such a long time ♥ the amazing photoshoot we had for yesterday's blog entry and the insider I've had with her and my brother who met us in one of the shops, seeing my shopping bags and asking: "Shopped again?!", me replying: "Brother [name not revealed]! I just had to buy it it's necessary to survive!", him asking: "Hairspray?", me: "Yes..." - you know I'm obsessed with the 80s style.
Funny isn't it? :)

And one more good news. Only three likes are separating me from reaching 300 likes on Facebook. Please like the page and tell your friends to do so, too ♥

Now here come the wonderful shopping results - I've found beautiful 80s earrings in the colors mint green and purple as I was looking for them.

Earrings - SIX

Earrings - I am

Inspired by Amanda Carrington aka Catherine Oxenberg ♥ my love.

Have a great start into a new week tomorrow. For myself I can say it will be full of adeventures.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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