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since I have started to watch my beloved series "Dynasty" again (transmitted on the German "Anixe" from Monday to Thursday 10.30 pm GTM+01 and every Sunday from 3 pm to 8 pm GTM+01) I got obsessed with the high and classy style of the 80s and feel inspired to live it again.

...and now

If you follow me on Lookbook and Facebook you have certainly seen that I've presented you predominantly classy 80s looks last week.

Me as a young lady in the early 20s am mainly inspired by my biggest idol Amanda Carrington who is played by the wonderful Catherine Oxenberg whom I've presented you when I firstly talked about my idols. Other inspirations (e.g. what concerns the hairstyle) are Fallon Carrington played by Pamela Sue Martin and Monica Colby who is played by Tracy Scoggins.
My hair got quite long since last year and already out of form so the Amanda Carrington hairstyle won't work sadly. - I would need a fringe and layered cut. - But as I've always had bad experiences with German hair stylists I only change my hairstyle abroad (this year expected in L.A. in September).
I already know how I would style my hair next year.
Do you think you can guess it? :)

As it can be seen on my Lookbook (where my statistics start to increase as I keep telling you via Twitter) the classy styles are very popular among my followers who think that they suite me very well.

If I could also fill you with enthusiasm for the classy "Dynasty" high-fashion here are some important pieces - my looks already tell you: wide shoulders and skirts (or pants) and a beautiful wasp waist - with which you can easily style yourself in the 80s style and feel the life of the rich and beautiful:

 Pearls are the A and O of a classy look especially quartz ones

Blouses with ruches mustn't miss. The motto is more and more - 
show what you have

Square, big, brown-beige sunglasses.

Big, bigger accessories like bangles and earrings - hanging ones or stud-earrings
(remember, be elegant!)

Stay tuned for more classy high 80s looks. I hope I could fill you with enthusiasm for such a look and lifestyle. A little secret I would like to share with you again: I will soon work on a song with the title "The Rich and Beautiful"

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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