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Heeeeeeey :)

happy Friday my loves ♥ for myself I can say that it is one of the happiest Fridays because today I've passed one of the two exams I've worked for so hard. Many of my friends and of course my dear family shared the happiness with me.

As I'm now back from a beautiful celebration of my grand-mother's xxth birthday which we celebrated in the noble hotel Grand Elysee I will now tell you as promised about my yesterday's successful shopping day.

My actual aim were jewelries and accessories because I am saving my money for the big vacation in L.A. which is going to take place in about one month and 10 days. Besides from that I actually don't need something from here necessarily, everything is so far bought.
I was looking for earrings in the 80s style à la Amanda Carrington and some in mint green, purple or versatile pastel colors but as you certainly know from your own experience it happens that you also catch other beautiful pieces during your shopping trip which you just have to buy.

Me and my friend with whom I went shopping advised each other very well and through the help of the other we managed to buy very beautiful pieces and finish the shopping tour contented. During the tour she also shot me for yesterday's post.

After that I've met a friend who came here for an appointment with her friend. We were sitting and talking about the main topics shopping and fashion naturally. It was great to meet you, hope to see you soon again ♥ If you follow my Instagram you will be able to see a picture.

My biggest success were these triangle stud earring which became my new most favorite earrings. They are absolutely in the style of the earrings Amanda Carrington aka Catherine Oxenberg loved to wear in Dynasty to many different outfits. At this point I also have to say that they do fit to every outfit as blue is the new black. My friend from the other city liked them too and added that blue suits me very well.
What do you think?

Stud earrings - I am

Earrings - SIX

It is always worth taking a look at New Look as their summer sale is always amazing as their clothes and accessories just likes these earrings another form of classy.
Stud earrings - New Look

... I was also amazed about them having feather earrings of good quality. Naturally they had to be shopped too even though they it wasn't directly planned.

Feather earrings - New Look

This necklace also had to be bought, maybe only just for fun because I have the same in purple and blue and blue and green, too.

Feather necklace - SIX

...and last but not least a little gift by Douglas.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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