Windows 8


my computer was built by a friend of our family who installed our internet and who always helps us if we have issues with our computers or laptops.
But no matter how great he might have created it, after more than two years every machine needs to be refreshed and so he refreshed the software of my Windows XP two weeks ago,

I firstly wasn't sure either to take Windows 7 or Windows 8 with its new features but after hard thinking I've concluded to take Windows 8 and learn it by using it even in my learning phase, but of course I've also watched a video how to use Windows 8 which helped a lot. Besides from that Windows 8 Pro Edition doesn't cost 30,- € anymore. From Febuary on it'll cost 50,- € (German prize)

What's new about Windows 8?

You might have all noticed and wondered about it when you probably saw it in the advertisement. The new start screen with the apps.
The apps are the programs you can download in the store (just like you might know it from your smartphone or the Macs). However you can still download normal programs from the internet, too.

Besides from that the security for Windows 8 users is higher as everything is now personalized. On the new start-screen you can decide what kind of theme you'd like to have and add an avatar and personal username.
I chose purple as it's my most favourite colour with futuristic effects.

As you can see the new start-screen includes some standard apps and on the right handside you have your apps - for most of them you need internet-conntection - and programs. There is also a great multitasking ability you have between your apps and the normal windows desktop. All you need to do is to move your mouse to the left and a ask will appear where you can switch between apps/start and the desktop/programs.

Last but not least what I'd like to introduce to you is the extented way to switch off your computer with more energy-saving features.


I'd suggest Windows 8 to everyone who wants to refresh his/her software and doesn't want to or simply can't pay as much money to buy a completly new computer or even Mac. But the fact is that the future are Windows 8 and Macs according to those who are working in this field and that it has already started. So it's better to quickly get used to it.
The new software is also way faster and comfortable.

I as a person who lives a creative and modern life-style fell in love with Win 8 and don't regret my choice.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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