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of course you have to get Christmas gifts for your dear ones before the special days but the catch is that the prizes are falling rapidly and strongly after Christmas. That's an intended strategy of the market economy.
So I have been shooping again after having spent half a week at home to learn for my first exams at university.
I can always count on my favourite British label NEW LOOK because that was my main shopping destination today.

I've found a very elegant and individual to wear dress which gives you a sexy and femine silhouette.

Dress - New Look

Last summer I was really sad because I didn't find any good clothes with flower print for my summer-collection. It's not summer yet but I've found a beautiful top in the non-summerlike black but if you combine it correctly you can turn it into a very summerlike top.
By the way this cut is my favourite one.

Top - New Look

The older you get the bigger purses you need so finally I've found a great one in an elegant black lacquer which is especially in winter very up to date.
Purse (available in red and baby pink) - New Look

Last but not least I've bought two warm tights for winter in the beloved British pattern again from a British label.

Tights (available in black, brown and blue) - Burtington

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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