Shopping Results&Save the Trend

Greetings my dears,

during the month I of course took myself some freetime from learning and housework to enjoy myself with friends and went out mostly to shopping.
Check out the results below:

I've finally found my dream suit in royal blue and wore it firstly when I've had my presentation in the class "Feminism and Political Theory" at university.
The important thing on wearing this is to keep it (royal) blue so the focus will stay on the suite but also the rule is not to include too much blue. My suggestion is to wear blue shoes and a scarf and discreet jewellary but also not more.
The colours I combine with the suit would be black or white or a little bit of grey as these colours rather support the outfits as good accents and contrasts.
To long suits like this one I also suggest to wear slim and skinny jeans, treggings or skirts and discreet and simple t-shirts.
A person thing I always add is that I love my suits with rolled up sleeves.

Suit - H&M

The second thing I've bought on that day was a blue belt I've been looking for to complete my outfit with the cavalary bolero for a beautiful waist. Now I only need to buy blue pumps and it seems as if I will decide for the blue pumps by Tamaris.

Belt - H&M

Save the trend! - Royal blue and poison-green will be ruling the pre spring-time focus on a certain clothing or  accessoire with the tips I gave you above and feel the elegance of spring.

On my next tour I've bought a pastel green nail polish for Febuary from my favourite cosmetics label. I've informed you that cold pastel colours are very up to date at the moment.

Nail polish - P2

Then I needed a new web-cam as my old one is too old for Windows 8 so a shop assistent suggested a camera from Logitech to me for a great prize. The cameras quality is impressive and it neither needs a microphone as it's included not much space.

Web-cam - Logitech

On my last shopping-tour before the exams and until now I've bought an alice-band which fits perfectly to my skullhead scarf so I think I just have to buy it.

Alice-band - Six

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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