Star Style #3: Katrin Siska


Katrin Siska is one of my three big living inspirations. She has become famous as the keyboarder of the Estonian girl rock-band Vanilla Ninja, which was founded in 2002 and introduced abroad for the first time in 2004 with the song "Though Enough".

                                           Katrin with her band-mates, making of "Though Enough"

She caught my eye especially because of her extravagant and unusual hairstyles - she has mostly included at least two colours in her hair - her style was rather sexy with short skirts and high-heels. Therefore she has been considered as a sexy and glamorous fashionista within the band by the media and lots of fans.

Photo: Bernd Possardt

The more I got surprised when she talked to me about her style. 
"I don't usually wear any high heals, skirts or dresses at all (only if I am a host of some big show or at a photoshoot, then I wear high heels/skirts/dresses if there is any special piece of that kind of colthes but usually I avoid it).", Katrin says. The clothes she prefers for her everyday style, freetime or when she can decide what to wear (e.g. at concerts or when she's the guest in talkshows is a complete different she told me: "My everyday style is very different from a typical "womanish style" - I like everything rocky and casual (jeans, moto jackets, sneakers, boots, chains, skinny or sultan pants etc)."

Katrin hosts her arranged event: Valentine's day Singing Competition 
Photo: Jelena Rudi 2011

Vanilla Ninja performs in Lasnamäe (Tallinn)
Photo: 2009

The rocky accent of her style could always been seen on Katrin especially on her extravagant accessoires she always amazes with,

On the whole I think Katrin's style and the choice of her clothes let her seems much younger than the 29-year-old actually is. She always looks refreshed and youthful and expresses lots of power. So her style just emphasizes her personality as her biggest hobby is to do extreme-sports like surfing or snowboarding. 
What I especially love about her style and what inspires me a lot is how she combines the most different styles and harmonizes them together.
This could be seen best when the band started to take a break and when she got involved and started to commit herself in politics and culture. Within all the serious clothing she always has an extravagnt, fanciful or rocky eye-catcher included and always keeps being herself in her style.
Especially for me as a prospective political scientist she has a big impact on me.

Katrin at the "Prügikast 3" Premiere
Photo: Karli Saul/Ilmar Saabas, 2009

What Katrin absolutely dislikes is the following as she goes on telling: "I also don't like fake stuff (fake nails, fake hair etc) - that I used to use long time ago if needed on a special photoshoot or a show, but not in my everyday lifestyle because that's the way I feel comfortable."
Katrin at a photoshooting with hair-extentions
Photo: Laura Kallasvee, 2009

And what does she actually like to wear? - "t-shirts -- my favourite! :)".
Photo: Kroonika, 2008

She may have her own clear defined style but she is very versatile in her clothing and always impresses the people with something new. So I've dedicated my summerlook 2013 to her.

Thank you for this great statements about your style Kati ♥

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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