Pure and Uniform


safe the nail trend for the first third of 2013: uniform nails in pastel shades. The prefered colours are green, blue or white in the first half of that period warmer colours like pink or orange can be worn when it starts to get warmer.
Bright, lusterless nails are a currently a real eye-catcher as the clothes-trend is dominated by black and glittery fashion and smokey, dramatic make-up. They seem elegant and pure but also give you something dominant.

Nail polish - P2 (530 - Charming)

Apart from the clear nails nude shades and invisible lips are back and fit perfectly to dramatic eyes without seeming too much.

 How to do - Nude lips:
  •  add a little bit of concealer on your lips and finish it with invisible lipgloss
Bronze lipstick -  Boulevard de Beauté

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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