Summerlook #13


as I've told you last year I always make a capital change of look on my summer holidays (I don't like German hairdressers that much as I've mainly had bad experiences with them.)

Last year I did something that most of the woman do really reluctantly. I've cut my long hair into a long bob in the style the Estonian singer Birgit Õigemeel had them in 2010.

Photo: Aivar Kullama

I've got lots of positive critisism for that style whereas after some time I've started to miss my long hair. Now I've decided to let them grow long (chest-length as a special most cherished someone prefers it that way) and to not cut them again.

The hairstyle I've planned for this year is inspired by the Estonian celebrity Katrin Siska and based on the hairstyle she had in the beginning of 2011.

The natural blonde had her hair a little bit longer than shoulder-length in a layered cut and coloured in chocolate-brown. Her covering hair at the front was coloured blond and included a little bit of pink (which is her favourite colour).

The difference with me will be that I will let my hair in its natural colour (dark brown) and only colour the whole covering hair blond and style it like she mostly had it, in a slightly layered cut and combed back showing my forehead (which my mother likes a lot).

In 2011 I've coloured five strands of my hair blonde. It looked unusual but cool and was something like a prototype for this plan.
I believe that such a crazy and freaky hairstyle will fit to me and my style in general. My friend from university whom I've told about this style thinks that it'll look good on me, too.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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