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Hello my dearest follwers,

they are taking place every year, at the same time however with a different result the Fall4Me "Look & Nail Art Of The Year"

The Fall4Me "Look & Nail Art Of The Year" describes the most popular look and nail art I have provided over the passed year.

How are the most popular look and nail art of the year decided?

Each look I write about I as well share on my social networks - in the first place Facebook and Instagram as my best working ones. Since Facebook was my first social network supporting this blog I have decided to elect the most popular look and nail art provided by the blog from the number of "likes" they gained.

The Fall4Me "Look & Nail Art Of The Year" 2016

This year was different than the passed ones since there have been four different looks with the same amount of likes. So I have launched a final ballot for three days to get out the ultimate popular look of the year. Out of a glamorous high fashion look for New Year's Eve 2015/2016, a rocky-bohemian black-cognac look, an elegant "dark side" look and a sporty streetstyle look the most popular one turned out to be the one containing my most favorite color in general, purple, and my most favorite fashion color, black.

The look of the year was named "Bad Girl". I have worn it in July last year for a city walk with my significant other in a rainy but pretty warm Hamburg. I decided to wear the look to present choker necklace by BornPrettyStore which I have chosen in purple to extend my purple closet and integrate my most favorite color more in clothes and accessories. Black supported to put the purple color in the the foreground, a deep cut top conjures a longer seeming neck and underlines the focus to the actual item. This kind of actually simple look with leather pants, a plain cardigan and top relies on its details which are based on the pattern, the fabrics or rather material mix and classy accesories which gave this gloomy colored look an elegant touch.

The most popular nails of the year are as well containing my most favorite color, purple. It is funny since I was inspired to choose this color duo for my nails from one of the "Elvital" by L'ORÉAL shampoos. which was freshly mint green with neon magenta highlights. I had extended that inspiration to something that is more of me and replaced this strong shade of pink with a very dark and strong bluish purple. That was my "welcome spring" March-April style. That was one of these moments when love at the first sight hit me like a lightning. Read the full story again here.

The results of the most favorite look and nails of the year was truly unexpected for me but just as positively surprising as it showed me that you, my followership, know what I love so, thank you for your attention and care. I am looking forward to share numerous exciting, trendy looks à la Fall4Me with you.

Love, Johanna

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