Eye-Catching Nail Art: Be Good To Yourself

Hello sweet people,

it probably is utopian daring to think that life can pass stressly and without any hardships - despite all the stressless-methods we try. Therefore my recipe is an eye-catching nail art to be good to yourself

the worst thing in life are not the stress and hardships themselves, the worst thing in life is when you actually realize them and even your dearly beloved dark colors put you down. This signal is an alarm for you to know that something is really wrong - since us humans do not easily accept when something is wrong with us out of nature - and that you need to take measures against that.

My touch of inspiration was to have seen pretty glittery nail polish on the nails of a colleague of mine. All I thought was that I wanted my nails to be as eye-catching as hers since compliments are honey for the soul. Apart from that it is a common knowledge that gleaming and glittery things are a good diversion especially from negative things. We could see it from a more esoteric view like my friend did today and interpret green as the color of hope (which is lacking in moments of deepness as well) to lift up our sense for hope.

However the options to think are wide and go apart nevertheless they are leading to the same result: to boost your soul and bring it back to stability. Whenever too much hopelessness is coming over you you will know that it is time for you to distract yourself until a spark of hope is visible again.

Huge thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails for the beautiful and meticulous naildo. If you are in Hamburg visit her in the nail-studio close to the central station at the Lange Reihe 1-5 from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm. They always update their colors - glitter or matt - and satisfy any taste.

Love, Johanna

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