FashionMia Bodycon Dress: Split Contrast

Hello my beloved readership,

for every door that closes another one opens. Especially strokes of fate that do not spare us at no age can lead to an either or. When we have to find our fulfillment and sense of life in something that keeps us busy and distracted.

The ultimate of life is either business or love for most of us people. Even though these two ultimates bear similarities, they go very much apart. They require effort of hard work or rather care and they create life in two different ways: Money and authority to live and found life. But they are where society splits. While the one half takes aim for the career, the other half finds fulfillment in the alliance with someone out there. Not necessarily material goods but emotional ground to grow and blossom out on.

Nevertheless, despite this huge contrast I dare to believe that a minority can enjoy both up to a certain degree. In the empirical studies this is what is called the exception that confirms a rule. So we see that even in science the complexities of life are found; as well as in fashion. The split neck bowknot contrast trim patchwork bodycon dress by - the place where to shop exquisite women clothing - proves it by gathering two styles in one dress so that the look is complete without lots of make-up and accessories.

On the one hand the fanciful bowknot and trim in the middle of the dress remind of girly characteristics from which a serious cold business woman may seem far away. On the other hand the the straight lines and intense black do not go under. Finding these two giants in style gathered we get to find all but an underestimated, uncertain anyone but a strong someone with a proud feminine special character.

If you liked the split neck bowknot contrast trim patchwork bodycon dress by FashionMia I would like to provide you more of women's skater dresses by the brand. The quality of the clothing is as promising as you see it in the pictures. I dare to claim that the clothes look even better when worn. This dress in particular is high quality fabricated and designed in a unique style with love towards details that you will most likely not find such an item outside in the stores for such a cheap prize. Click here to view more dresses.

Music: "You Can Be The Boss" by Lana Del Rey

My Look in Details:

  • Split Neck Bowknot Contrast Trim Patchwork Bodycon Dress by FashionMia click here to buy it
  • Handbag by Lauren Ralph Lauren
  • Pumps by She in Karstadt
Love, Johanna

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