FashionMia: Every Big Wish Starts With A Red Double Breasted Coat

Hello my beloved readers,

never be afraid to dream big, to wish a lot and keep on demanding because an there is an old folk saying: "Demand much to get at least a part of it!"

Certainly your material wishes are satisfied eventually the older you get and you become more convincing in saying that you are wishlessly happy, probably because you create a modest mind or are able to fulfill your material wishes on your own. Another option is that you find happiness rather in symbolic things such as a good interpersonal bond, your career or that you are finding yourself healthy. But the child within us is never going to let go of us entirely, to admonish us of behaving too grown-up or to not forget about the pretty little things that make life worth living.

Every big wish starts with a red double breasted coat such as the one that caught my attention on - a place for women clothing online at a high niveau. I remember to have had one in my childhood and also my mother still remembers her gaudy red coat from her youth. Even if a gaudy red coat is rather a trendy item for autumn even at a winter-event it is a pretty eye-catcher especially among Eastern European people who cherish high fashion styles. The older we get the more we may have the capacy to be on our own but we are always going to be the children of the one who is in the end as well the one to give us the wishes that money cannot buy and material not replace and to whom we will ask to make the impossible possible. I was a child once but I will always have the child within me and will keep the treasures of my childhood alive since they have left their mark on me.

Besides from the behave way to wear the coat one of the sexy skater dresses by FashionMia would fit very well to such a feminine and passionate coat. Click here to check out the variety of sexy skater dresses. Red is a color that flatters women as well as men, especially if the red is as strong. It stands for passion, romance and love in the first place. As the color of fire and attention it is warm and bright. Live a color in red and do not be afraid of being a passionate dreamer with big wishes and live a live with frequent impulses,

My Look in Details:

...and as a special the coats of my childhood:

Love, Johanna


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