FashionMia Patchwork Dress: Fanciful, Playful, Big Girl

Hello my dearest readers,

women are complex and irrational beings: they have a lot in their mind, they can seemingly suddenly explode and they seem to need more than can be fulfilled. They are what they are, women. A big secret, hard to handle. But they are the more needed half of society: not necessarily knowing the answers but creating truths, thinking too much but taking care at least as much. It is not impossible to please and satisfy them but there is a system that works.
As long daddy is there every girl or rather woman will feel like a princess, despite her age, and since daddy as well as mommy keep their daughter like a rare pearl or diamond, not letting her touch anything, it is no surprise that every woman will always stay a big girl up to a certain degree either she loves like a teenage girlie or she finds impression in collecting and displaying her treasures, which are commonly handbags, shoes, make-up et cetera.

Probably this is the reason why women seem very demanding but in the end mankind cannot be mad at women as they are pretty beings at the first sight outside mostly connected with it from the inside, too. Do not dare to hurt them as even the strongest Amazon is a tender flower in her roots. She may have learned responsibility and discipline but also she wants to let herself fall being caught and embraced by strong and warm arms. Thus the maturity - a façade that she has built up over years as the woman plays the managing role - she, the woman, will always stay a big girl. Fanciful lively with her passionate character trait and playful with the temperament that is given to her by nature. A woman is a boisterous mystery but the girl that will always be with her inside out is her biggest sympathy.

The playfulness just described is best to show with another version of a cheap skater dress by an online shop for fashion clothing containing styles fresh from the runway prêt-à-porter as it is called in the world of fashion for runway styles that are suitable for everyday life. Once again FashionMia proves and underlines its love towards details with the pattern, cut and exact length.

The variety of pretty skater dresses provided by the brand is huge, The styles go apart but from elegant minimalism to a fanciful play of colours and pattern. Something for every taste will be found as all colors are gathered at one and the same place. Click here to find all current cheap skater dresses by FashionMia.

My Look in Details:

Love, Johanna


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