FashionMia Wishlist: Cheap Sexy Dresses & Outwear

Hello beautiful people,

I hope you have celebrated a wonderful Christmas within the circle of your family and spend relaxing holidays. I for myself can say that I have experienced another wonderful Christmas this year.

Apart from the gifts something I am certainly as excited about is the after-Christmas-shopping when the prizes are bottomlessly falling. One of my first destinations while the shops are still closed during the Christmas holidays is FashionMia. My wishlist contains cheap sexy dresses and outwear.

Something I always get and love to get back to are bodycon dresses. Not only the cut is very suitable - emphasizing one's contours and having an optimized length of being not too short as well as not too long for a petite and rather short woman like me (166 cm/5'5 ft). But being short is not necessarily a disadvantage for women. On the contrary, many tall women suffer from their height because they are limited in their choice of wearing high-heels - women's alltime famous treasure and a perfect partner to bodycon dresses. They give you sexy legs which optically seem longer as well. Stretching the legs the high-heels and emphasizing dress conjure a beautiful back, too. Click here to view more cheap bodycon dresses. Underneath you can view my selection of cheap dresses with special offers.

"Many tall women suffer from their height because they are limited in their choice of wearing high-heels"

Just as sexy as bodycon dresses are the sexy maxi dresses by FashionMia. Actress Emma Watson once said: "My imagination of sexy is 'less is more'. The less you reveal of yourself the more people can imagine about you."; therefore us women wear maxi dresses: on the one hand to feel like a princess of a fairy tale and on the other hand to provide sex-appeal the classy way as Watson described it. One of my choices was the chiffon dress in my favorite purple which is both: sexy and making me feel like a princess because you reveal your legs underneath the safe barrier of the long chiffon covering and guarding your legs which are mean to be admired but not touched. Click here to view more sexy maxi dresses.

And a special addition to the wishlist for my little sister-in-law:

Love ♥ Johanna

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