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Hello my dear friends,

the end of the year is approaching and with it the two most important celebrations of the year. It is not only a competition of gifts but as well a competition of clothing. As I know myself that gifts can be expensive enough and we will not be released from the monthly debts thus Christmas and New Year's Eve I am happy to show you cheap dresses by FashionMia.

Christmas and New Year's Eve may be stressful for the preparation as these big events are very close to each other with a difference of just seven days however they complete each other very well. While Christmas is a rather calm and sensual celebration within the circle of the family where we take time to cherish our values, on New Year's Eve we literally love to rock the dancefloor with the biggest and coolest party people. After all it is the night of our all rebirth where we bomb away the old sinful us and start into a glorious and promising new year. Thanks to this we can pick a pretty and discreet dress for Christmas but therefore not be sparing with glitter and sequins on New Year's Eve.

Having this in mind my suggestion for Christmas would be an elegant maxi dress. It will most likely not disturb you despite its length since on this day you go calm on everything. Even though the celebration on December 24th is known to full of light and warmth you should not rely on that. There is a plenty of beautiful dresses with long sleeves or rather covered shoulders to keep you warm as it is cold in that month. This year the trend colors give a huge variety for nearly every taste besides from the all time famous reds, greens and blacks. Click here to see the cheap maxi dresses by FashionMia.

As for New Year's Eve every club wants to celebrate the coolest party in the city and every (female) guest wants to be the best dressed on location. Depending on your style and type the most popular clothing is elegant lace, sexy leather, galmorous glitter and sequins or clear dark colors such as purple blue or black to combine with many glittery accessories. As popular are gleaming colors to catch attention. The short dresses combined with your highest heels will make all legs sexy and long seeming. Apart from that bodycon dresses are suitable for the Sylvester party because they give your legs freedom and donot fly around to cause accidents and since dancing will keep you warm you can go without long sleeves. Click here to see the cheap bodycon dresses by FashionMia.

I bet your favorite dress is among them!

Love ♥ Johanna

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