Christmas Time: Touch Of Magic

Hello my dearest readership,

recently during one of my shopping trips during the frosty Hamburg I was wondering why such an important celebration as Christmas where you have to go shopping has to take place in such a cold time. Then I pulled myself together and remembered that Christmas Time is the touch of magic when miracles happens if you do not believe in higher spiritual forces

Sometimes even I have a nervous breakdown when I am out of all my forces and wisdom and do not know what to do - in times like this I would excuse everyone who, just like me, would throw all his priciples away for that moment. The only thing that would be clear would have been that life would be much easier with a Genie of the Lamp. But would three wishes really be enough? Life knows that human are evil by nature and in addition greedy: if they have it they want more of it. That is why we do not get to have a Genie. Nevertheless we have a teacher called life. We can learn something from every living being.

One of my most favorite lectures is the lesson of the new beginning which makes me come back to the introducing question why my most favorite celebration has to take place in the coldest time of the year. I have found an explanation for myself but you are welcome to join my point of view. I have found out that the new beginnings and bright times are known to occur after hardships. This may be the reason of Christmas Time being the touch of magic.

Magic is something we do not see which is the reason to rationally not to believe in it. But sometimes we also do not dare to believe in a good end of situations or the good in people... The reason is the fear of disappointment, so when we stick to the worst-case-scenario we leave possibilities open for positive surprises. Even if things do not happen when we imagine them to take place and as well that they take place the way we want them the right time is always set before we know and confess to know it. The fact that people and plans did not get lost from the happening not taking place already leds to a refreshed new beginning of new thinking, acting and show that these things already are meant to happen at a different place at a different time. We witness magic with a miracle happening that our beloved precious world keeps going - possibly better with the new wisdom.

My magic took place on Christmas Time so will possibly yours if it did not already. A good ome was possibly my butterly necklace by BornPrettyStore that did not let me lose my wings when I was falling. Within the dark green flower field the bright silver and glittery necklace gave the whole outfit a  gleaming touch that may look like a light of hope. It has become my unofficial constant addition to this dress.

Having this in mind I wish you a blessed, magical and relaxing Christmas with the ones you are holding dearest. As well I want to wish you a bombastic New Year's Eve celebration with lots of courage and positive energy to make all your plans real. I hope to take each of you with me for the next year. Never stop believing and loving!

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Love ♥ Johanna

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