St. Nicholas Special: Fall4Me Giveaway

Hello beautiful people,

happy St. Nicholas' Day! Christimas time is the time of giveaways. Fall4Me is joining this tradition with a St. Nicholas special. With the Fall4Me giveaway you can win one of four ZurfDay beanies

This year Fall4Me has prepared an exclusive gift for you for St. Nicholas in collaboration with ZurfDay. You are not going to find it in your boots or rather socks but on this platform. In the cold season a must-have is the beanie. Protect yourself with a stylish and exclusive beanie by ZurfDay.

We are keeping out fingers crossed for you!

St. Nicholas Special - Fall4Me Giveaway: How To Participate!

The morning of December 6th is a morning when everyone is excitedly waking up running for his boot or rather sock to see what St. Nicholas brought him – typical gifts are clementines, walnuts and chocolate.

This is how it works with us: visit Fall4Me's Facebook page – there we do not have chocolate and walnuts but one of four stylish and fashionable beanies. One of them, the neon coloured beanie, is an exclusive edition not available on the market yet. You have one week to participate in the giveaway.

To participate in the giveaway you just have to “like” Fall4Me's and ZurfDay's Facebook pages and if you are on Instagram you also have to follow Fall4Me (@JohannaVonKarajan) and ZurfDay (@ZurfDay) on Instagram, too. “Like” the post on Facebook and comment underneath with the color you want in case you win and tagging a friend who might like to participate, too.

One girl's beanie will be given to a girl and one boy's beanie will be given to a boy. The winners will be decided by a lucky generator on December 13th, 2016. Those who win will be contacted by direct message.

Giveaway Requirements and Privacy Protection

You are welcome to invite your family members and friends to participate in the giveaway to extend your chance to win however everyone is allowed to partipate once. With your participation you agree to the terms of service/terms of use of Facebook and Instagram.

Love ♥ Johanna

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