The Powerful

Hello dearest readership,

a healthy mind needs a healthy body but therefore you have to develop a healthy mind. The healthiness of mind is the strength you afford about which you do not know anything until you actually need it, that is growing from the determination and willpower within you. Apart from knowledge the power of mind - to decide to be strong - is the force of your own person. But before you can be as strong you have to see and observe that someone out there is at least as strong as you. Keep everything in life under your observation to put the world at your feet. Powerful is the one who keeps on and abandons the fear or failure. It keeps calm and observing until it finds valuable treasures.

Observing demands time - time we have if we decide to dedicate it to observation. If I did not decide to take my time to observe I would have never completed my owl collection with a ring that I would have never found in a shop on place. What a pity it would have been since I love owls very much. They give me peace and calmness. The owl is my eyes and ears when I am not able to take up information. It is my best friend because I can identify with it very well. Owls are cute to admire but dangerous if you disturb them.

Checked shirt - Mango
Faux leather pants - C&A
Ankle boots - Akira
Bag - Daniel Hechter
Owl bracelet - Bijou Brigitte
Owl pendant necklace - Tally Weijl
Owl earrings - I am
Watch - D&G

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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